Paper Rex Beats OpTic; Becomes First APAC Team To Reach Valorant Masters Finals

Paper Rex, the ultimate underdog, managed to take down the best team in North America, OpTic, to reach the Valorant Masters Copenhagen finals.

Paper rex riot
Paper Rex is one game away from history. I ©Riot Games

With fans having enjoyed three previous Masters events (two in 2021 and one this year), it was clear that outside of Brazil's LOUD reaching grand finals, EMEA and North America were the dominant regions, with the likes of Sentinels, OpTic, Fnatic, Gambit, and Team Envy reaching the final stages of these international events.

As it turns out, Paper Rex had to overcome one of the aforementioned LAN finalists - the winner of Masters Reykjavik at that, OpTic Gaming, doing so in convincing fashion. Yes, the score was 2-1, but Paper Rex was so dominant on their two map wins that the overall round score was 26-8.

It all started on Haven, where Paper Rex showed an absolute dominant facet of their game, led by f0rsakeN's historic performance on Chamber, accruing 18 kills to only 10 deaths - more impressively, somehow he managed an outrageous 67% headshot accuracy. Things looked slightly better on the second map for OpTic, with the NA side edging out Paper Rex 13-9 on Bind thanks to some heroics by Yay. El Diablo was the top fragger on the entire lobby, amassing 23 kills on the second map alone.

Sadly for the aggressive playmaker, his team crumbled on the third and final map, with Paper Rex's superior Fracture comp featuring Viper as smokes over OpTic's Brimstone pick proving too much to handle despite a somewhat similar return in terms of frags.

You could cleary tell OpTic was lacking the confidence and aggresiveness to close out rounds like the used to. The play down below is a clear example of it, losing a 3v1 due to their players individually swinging never looking for a trade or setting up a crossfire.

Now, Paper Rex will wait the winner of FunPlus Phoenix and OpTic in the lower bracket finals to see who they'll rival is in grand finals. The grand finals of Valorant Masters Copenhagen are scheduled to be played on July 24 at 8 AM PT/5 pm CEST.

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