Can You Go Offline In Valorant?

Tired of trying to come up with excuses to not play with your friends? We'll teach you how to go offline in Valorant!

Viper oddlinw
Time to play solo. I ©Riot Games

Valorant and all other Riot Games don't really give you an option to go undercover, making sure your entire friends list knows you are online. Sadly, for those that might want to keep things on the low, none of the games have an offline feature.

Listen, we get it, you like having a big friends list to play with and feel popular. No matter the time, you'll always find someone online to queue up for ranked - sometimes, you just want to be left alone. Maybe your friends don't take the game seriously enough (or vice versa) or you just popped up real quick to check the Valorant store.

Whatever your case, going offline doesn't really hurt anyone and we're as shocked as you are that Riot Games decided to not make such a basic feature widely available. Despite this, there is a way to go incognito in games like Valorant, and obviously, other Riot titles.

How To Go Offline In Valorant

To go offline in Valorant you'll need a third-party software called Deceive. This comes with a warning, as messing with Riot's client can become a bannable offense, even if you're not technically cheating in-game. It won't likely come to anything, but let this serve you as a heads up.

So how do you go about downloading and making it so you can go offline in Valorant? Simply follow these easy steps down below.

  • Download Deceived from GitHub
  • Create a shortcut for Deceive.exe
  • You'll see a new screen called Target.
  • Under the ".exe" term, add an extra space and type "valorant"

And done! With that process, you should be able to launch Valorant and go offline. You'll know it works because you'll be able to see the "Deceive Active" prompt on your friends list.

That's pretty much all you need to know. It's not exactly rocket science, but it can be a pesky process. The option is there, but if you ask us, we really don't see the need to go out of your way and download a third-party software just to avoid being spotted online.

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