LOUD Secured a VCT Masters Grand Final Spot

We already know the first finalist for the VCT Masters Reykjavík, and it is LOUD, a Brazilian team that is currently going on a 17:0 streak. Yes, you got it right. 17:0 since January.
Loud gg
Who will stop them? | © Riot Games

One of the bigger underdogs of this tournament, LOUD, secured the spot at the first VCT 2022 Masters tournament. According to the Brazilian Valorant scene enthusiasts, this team consists of the absolute best players from this region, which is to be confirmed by their 17:0 streak. They managed to beat OpTic Gaming 2-1 yesterday, and honestly, we were impressed with how they managed to keep their cool after losing the first map heavily. Let's rewind what happened there!

LOUD vs. OpTic Gaming

So, this was a match between the best Brazilian and American teams, so it had to be exciting by default. The first map (Fracture) was the easiest game of OpTic Gaming's career. Honestly, yay, and the boys dominated LOUD so hard that we thought the Brazilian team was not even close skill-wise, and the game was over before it even started. Oh wow, we were so wrong.

The following two maps were a bit tighter, but LOUD showed that you should not underestimate them. It's especially worth noting what "Less" did in this match; it was just magical. This guy had 56 kills and 38 deaths total, and on the last map, he scored a KDA of +20.

LOUDOpTic Gaming
First half210
Second half213
First half57
Second half138
First half75
Second half1311

So, can you see how close this game was? Now, OpTic showed some outstanding performance but well, LOUD just were slightly better. Still, we wouldn't be surprised to see them fight each other again in the Grand Finals.

Will OpTic Defeat Zeta?

And well, we have another exciting match – the best NA team vs. the best Japan team. Zeta Division also showed outstanding performance, winning against teams like Fnatic or Team Liquid. However, will they manage to beat yay and his colleagues? We'll find out today (23.04) at 07:00 PM CEST!

This will be a match for everything – the loser says goodbye to the tournament, and the winner finds himself in the Grand Finals. And as always, make sure to share your predictions for this match on our Discord and Instagram!