Run It Back 2 Bundle: Weapons, Prices & More

Honestly, whether Riot would decide to release another Run It Back bundle wasn't all that obvious. But they did it! And it really seems that many people will find something for themselves.

Run It Back 2021
Would you pick the same skins? | © Riot Games

Run It Back is not only the name of Phoenix's Ultimate Ability, but also an annual bundle consisting of the game developers' favorite weapon skins from a given year. So, it's nothing new, but still a lovely tribute to the designers from Riot for their hard work and an opportunity for players to get the skins they missed this year. All in all, we quite like the idea, but a more exciting option could be to make a bundle with skins from different collections that came out in a given year for additional weapons (especially since we're still waiting to see that Magepunk Phantom in-game). Alright, enough talking - let's run through all the essential information about Run It Back 2 skin bundle!

Run It Back 2: Price

The Run It Back 2 bundle costs 5495 Valorant Points, although you can buy each skin individually for 1775 Valorant Points. Of course, it makes the most sense to buy the whole bundle because you save as much as 33%. Note that if you are interested in upgrading any of the skins with additional variants or VFX, it will cost you 10 or 15 Radianite Points per upgrade.

Run It Back 2: Weapons

Origin operator
This skin was actually kind of underrated | © Riot Games

Run It Back 2 includes a total of five weapon skins from different collections. The bundle contains:

  • Forsaken Vandal (5 levels, 1775 Valorant Points)
  • Prime 2.0 Odin (7 levels, 1775 Valorant Points)
  • Origin Operator (4 levels, 1775 Valorant Points)
  • Tethered Realms Ghost (non-upgradeable, 1775 Valorant Points)
  • Recon Spectre (7 levels, 1775 Valorant Points)

How Long Will Run It Back 2 Bundle Be Available?

You can purchase the Run It Back 2 bundle till January 12th, as the bundle will disappear along with the release of Episode 4. So, if you are considering buying at least one of these skins you better not delay because you never know when you will see them in the store again.