Valorant Run It Back 3 collection - Schedule, All Skins, Price & More

Riot Games will give fans a break from new collections by bringing old favorites back with a new cosmetic bundle.

Run it back bundle
Time to complete your collection. I ©Riot Games

While the last week of July was set to see Valorant receive a new update and potentially a brand-new skin collection to accompany it, the delay of the patch, which will now launch on August 9 has led to Riot release a compilation bundle instead - the Run It Back collection 3.

Run It Back features guns from past collections all neatly packed in a singular bundle for you to purchase in case you missed them. Unlike the Night Market, these weapons don't come with any sort of discounts, so expect to pay full price for all them.

Even if you're not a fan of any of the skins in the upcoming Run It Back 3 bundle, remember that further ones will become available down the line. When? Well, we really can't be sure, as they don't follow any sort of structured calendar.

Run It Back Bundle 3 - When Does It Come Out & Skins

The Run It Back 3 will hit the Valorant in-game shop featured section on 27 July and will leave the store on 10 August, at which point it will be replaced by an entire new collection.

The skins available in the bundle include the following:

  • Ion Phantom
  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic
  • Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky
  • Magepunk Operator
  • Ego Stinger

Run It Back Bundle 3 - Cost

The cost of all the skins will be the same. All skins in this collection belong to the Premium tier of cosmetics, the third most expensive tier below Ultra and Exclusive. Each skin will cost 1775VP.

And that's all you need to know about the Run It Back bundle 3 collection! Maybe you were lucky enough to get one of these during a Night Mark, or you bought it when they came out, in any case, it's a good option to take a break from newer collections.

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