Valorant: How To Fix Error Code 59

We'll show you here how you can tell whether your Valorant error code is just a problem on your part, or if it's a bigger issue in Valorant.

Valorant patch
This error code might take some time to solve. I © Riot Games

It's annoying when Valorant shows you an error code. Whether you're relaxing after work or trying to finish your battle pass in the game, technical issues can ruin the fun.

Recently, many players have been faced with "Error Code 59". We'll explain this why this error shows up and how you can fix it.

Valorant: Why Error Code 59 Shows Up

Most of the time, this error code comes with a text that says: "LoginQueueFetchTokenFailure". This means that the game's servers are taking too long to check your credentials, which makes your login time expire.

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This can happen when too many people try to play at once or after server maintenance when the servers have just gone up again.

Valorant: How To Fix Error Code 59

A quick look on the Riot support page will suggest this solution:

There seems to be an issue with the login queue. Go ahead and restart the Riot Client and check for any Support Site banners.

If that doesn't help, keep restarting the game and the Riot Client until the game finally loads up properly. Should that not work, close all Valorant and Riot-related tasks via Task Manager. While Error Code 59 may be persistent and take several tries to fix, these tips should help solve your problem!

While Error Code 59 might take up some of your brain power, I'm sure it's not as crazy as this:

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