Valorant: How To Get Rank Gun Buddies

Rank Gun Buddies are among the most stylish gun accessories that you can possess in Valorant, particularly if you shred at the game. Hence, let's discover the steps to acquire one!

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If you already own exceptionally pricey skins, why not embellish them with gun buddies that showcase your level of skill, particularly if you hold prestigious ranks like Immortal or Radiant? Today, we will delve into the topic of special rank gun buddies, which we will explore in this article.

To begin, we will provide a concise explanation of what rank gun buddies entail, followed by a step-by-step guide on obtaining them. Rest assured, it's not an overly complicated process!

Valorant: Rank Gun Buddies Explained

Rank gun buddies are an exclusive category of gun buddies that symbolize the highest rank you attained in the previous Episode. This means that even if you have descended from Diamond to Silver throughout the Acts, you will still receive a Diamond gun buddy to proudly display.

It's important to note that each episode consists of three Acts, with each Act lasting roughly two months. Consequently, you have the opportunity to acquire approximately two rank gun buddies per year.

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Valorant: How To Get Rank Gun Buddies

Rank gun buddies valorant guide
You just have to win! | © Riot Games

You can only obtain rank gun buddies by playing ranked games and climbing the ranks. They are automatically added to your collection at the end of each Valorant Episode, and you cannot purchase them or acquire them through any other means.

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Considering everything mentioned, you may consider enhancing your skills in the game, as it can serve as an effective tool for showcasing your abilities and adding a touch of flair. After all, who doesn't enjoy a bit of flexing?

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