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Here's a complete overview of all the maps in Apex Legends, for both Arena and Battle Royale. Plus, details on the new maps coming soon.

Apex legends Maps
Luscious pastures or a chemical wasteland? | © EA

Apex Legends has always been praised for its maps, they're incredibly well-designed, and they have a certain vibrancy that most other, grittier games lack. In many ways, these maps are the absolute back-bone of the game. But how many maps are there? What's the story behind these locations? And when can we expect more maps to be introduced?

You can find a complete guide to all the Apex Legends maps and their lore, beneath.

How Many Maps Does Apex Legends Have?

Apex Legends has a total of 9 maps, 4 of them are Battle Royale-sized maps, and 5 of them are closer to normal multiplayer-sized maps. The Bigger maps are used exclusively for Battle Royale or Battle Royale ranked, while the 5 smaller maps are used for Arena, and sometimes for Limited Time Modes. It's impressive that they can boast so many smaller maps, especially when you consider that the Arena mode has only been in the game since Season 9. Not bad Apex Legends, not bat all.

Every Map In Apex Legends

Battle Royale Map: Kings Canyon

  • Introduced: Launch
  • Planet: Solace
Apex maps kings canyon
Kings Canyon. | © EA

Kings Canyon Lore:

Once a simple settlement on the planet Solace, the island known as Kings Canyon didn't thrive until the IMC chose it as a hub for research and development. It housed an airbase, a water treatment plant, and a plethora of other facilities to support the IMC’s operations - like a highly classified project on the function of Phase tech, or a radical program to create a simulacra army powered by a single brain. But on the surface, Kings Canyon seemed like a simple IMC installation that, for all its faults, brought stability and jobs to Solace.

Battle Royale Map: Olympus

  • Introduced: Season 7
  • Planet: Psamathe
Apex maps olympus
Olympus. | © EA

Olympus Lore:

Once a city built on dreams, Olympus was a utopia floating in clouds above Psamathe. Here, the brightest minds in the Outlands could gather and exchange ideas, leading to breakthroughs in the sciences and arts. However, an accident in an experimental research facility led to the creation of the Phase Rift (a massive bubble of Phase energy), and the Outlands’ best and brightest quickly abandoned the city.

Battle Royale Map: Stormpoint

  • Introduced: Season 11
  • Planet: Gaea
Apex maps stormpoint
Stormpoint. | © EA

Stormpoint Lore:

This deserted island wasn't always so deserted. A beautiful isle with plentiful resources, Storm Point was one of the first places where early IMC expeditions made landfall on the planet Gaea. However, the area was isolated and beset by tropical storms. A permanent settlement was established on a nearby coastline – today known as the city of Suotamo – and power-generating storm catchers were built on Storm Point to meet the growing city’s energy needs.

Battle Royale Map: World's Edge

  • Introduced: Season 3
  • Planet: Talos
Apex maps worlds edge
World's Edge. | © EA

World's Edge Lore:

A harsh planet beset by intense volcanic activity, Talos was once deemed uninhabitable, and only small luddite settlements took root there. However, it became a hotbed of IMC activity when a rare mineral compound was discovered beneath its surface. Heat-reducing towers were built to super-cool its natural lava flows and allow resource extraction - the facility that housed them was optimistically dubbed “New Dawn”, and the town of World’s Edge grew around it.

Arena Map: Habitat

  • Introduced: Season 11
  • Planet: Gaea
Apex maps habitat
Habitat. | © EA

Habitat Lore:

Storm Point is just one of many islands in the New Antillia archipelago. Habitat 4 is one of the smallest islands in the chain, and is best known as a Leviathan breeding ground. Early IMC research groups were surprised to find that a large population of local Leviathans gravitated toward the island, and designated Habitat 4 as an ethology base to study the creatures’ behavior.

Arena Map: Overflow

  • Introduced: Season 9
  • Planet: Talos
Apex maps overflow
Overflow. | © EA

Overflow Lore:

After trace amounts of Branthium were discovered in magma flows on Talos, Hammond Robotics began aggressively pursuing various means of mining it. One was an automated processing rig--officially referred to as Hephaestus Station, it’s affectionately referred to as Overflow.

Arena Map: Encore

  • Introduced: Season 10
  • Planet: Boreas
Apex maps encore
Encore. | © EA

Encore Lore:

Found on the planet Boreas, Encore is the Arena where Seer made his name. Treated as a cursed outcast after being blamed for his planet’s moon being struck by a meteor, he slowly gathered a following of outsiders who would come to watch him compete.

Arena Map: Party Crasher

  • Introduced: Season 9
  • Planet: Solace
Apex media maps party crasher
Party Crasher. | © EA

Party Crasher Lore:

While taking the Mirage Voyage on a joyride through the former IMC controlled hotspot Kómma on planet Solace, Mirage lost control of the ship and crashed it into a plaza. Any other person would have spent the rest of their life paying the bill for such a blunder, but since this once thriving city full of gambling, clubs, and home to various questionable activities has become a ghost town, Mirage, the Apex Legend he is, struck a deal with the current owners. With support of the upcoming Arenas matches, Mirage cleared his debt by assisting to reignite the city and put it back on the map.

Arena Map: Phase Runner

  • Introduced: Season 9
  • Planet: Talos
Apex maps phase runner
Phase Runner. | © EA

Phase Runner Lore:

The Phase Runner on Olympus is unique, but it wasn’t the first of its kind: the Outlands scientific community had to test the technology before it was safe to install on Lilian Peck’s intellectual paradise. They built a research center in a remote section of Talos where they tested a truncated prototype of the Phase Runner. It has long since been abandoned, but the prototype remains intact and functional.

When Will We Get New Maps For Apex Legends?

The last map, Storm Point, was released in November 2021, and so we have to wait for at least a few more months before we can expect new maps. That's unfortunately just how the cookie crumbles with Apex Legends; we do get a lot of maps, but we can't expect maps this big and beautiful every month. We will of course update you as soon as we hear anything about a new Apex Legends map.