The Best Apex Legends Controller Settings

So you're jumping into Apex Legends for the first time? Before you start the great journey out of Bronze 4, let's get your controller settings perfect!

Best Apex Legends Controller Settings
Wattson's found the key! | © EA

If you're just getting into Apex, then whip the controller out and scroll down - you're in the right place. But even if you've been playing for a while, you should double-check if you're using the best settings. Apex Legends gives us a huge array of different options for playing on controller, and with the right combination, we can give ourselves a real advantage.

What Are The Best Controller Settings For Apex Legends?


These are all the settings that should be changed, leave everything else as default.

Crosshair Damage Feedback

X w/Shield Icon

Damage NumbersStacking

Jetpack Control

Cross-Platform Play *Disabled (if on console)

*We turn off cross-platform play on console so that we don't need to fight any PC players who have a distinct advantage, and could be cheating.


These are all the settings that should be changed, leave unmentioned settings as default.

Interact / Reload ButtonTap to Use and Reload
Look Sensitivity4

Look Sensitivity [ADS]

Response CurveFine Aim
Look DeadzoneSmall
Movement DeadzoneSmall
Vibration *Off

*If vibration is immersive for you, and it helps you enjoy the game more, then leave it on. Turning it off is an advantage, but only a small one.


These settings will depend on your monitor set up, but they should be in the sweet spot for most players.

Field Of View (FOV) *90
FOV Ability ScalingEnabled

Sprint View Shake


*You might prefer a higher value, for greater peripheral vision, but this will make your hots harder to land. You need to experiment and find the right FOV for you.


With the audio settings, we're basically eliminating all the pointless noise, so that we can better hear callouts and footsteps.

Master Volume100
Sound Effects Volume100

Dialogue Volume

Music Volume0
Lobby Music Volume0
Disable Voice ChatOff
Convert Incoming Voice Chat to Text


What Are The Best Controller Settings For A Warzone Player?

Use the button layout "Grenadier", which replicates as closely as possible the Warzone controls. In combination with the controller options above, most Warzone players should feel right at home. The only slight issue with Grenadier is that your Ult can be more difficult to reach with these controls. But having to make an awkward tap once per game is going to be more than worth it.

Grenadier. | © EA

What Sensitivity Do The Pros Use?

The vast majority are on mouse and keyboard, but there are controller pros, and they use between 4 and 5 for normal sensitivity, and between 3 and 4 for ADS sensitivity. It's probably nowhere near as much as you might have expected. But it's the same as in other controller esports. Pros don't use crazy sensitivity settings on controllers, it makes you less effective at a certain point.

Even the pros don't want to be moving at Octane speeds...

Is Apex Legends Easy With A Controller?

Apex Legends is easier to learn with a controller, or at least, it will be for anyone who isn't already experienced with PC shooters. There's just far more muscle memory to acquire with hitting exact keys on a keyboard. But that being said, once you have the basics down, it becomes easier to improve with a mouse and keyboard because hitting your targets is easier. Think about it, you can have one thumb on a controller or the dexterity of your whole hand with a mouse. The one exception to this is in very close range combat, where aim assist is particularly strong.