Apex Legends EA Play Rewards | What Can You Claim This Month?

If you join EA Play, then you're entitled to free in-game rewards for Apex Legends. So, what can you unlock this month? And is it worth it?

Apex Legends EA Play Rewards
Pick up some fire skins for free. | © EA

If you're looking for a great Loba outfit or a snazzy new R-301 skin, then usually your only option is to wait for something good from the store. There might be a good craftable skin available here and there (unfortunately not in Loba's case), but you'll need Crafting Materials for these, and lots of them if you want anything decent. So, where else can we turn to for new skins?

If you're an EA Play member, you should be aware that you're entitled to free cosmetics every single month. Here's what EA Play subscribers can claim this month!

What Are The EA Play Rewards For Apex Legends This Month?

Here are the rewards you can earn this month in Apex Legends if you have an EA Play subscription.

May 17 - June 13, 2022: The Shield Loading Screen

The shield laoding screen apex
Imagine seeing one of these in-game... | © EA

We won't lie to you, this is a boring month for EA Play rewards. Loading Screens have to be the least valuable type of cosmetics in the whole game.

How Do You Redeem EA Play Rewards?

If you've signed in to Apex with the same EA account that has an active EA Play subscription, the rewards should be automatically added to your account. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, as the EA forums attest, but if this happens, don't panic. Contact EA from this page, explain your situation, and they should redeem it to your account.

How Much Does EA Play Cost?

EA Play costs $4 a month, but you could choose EA Play pro, which would give you additional benefits as well as the Apex Legends rewards. Most noticeably, EA Play Pro gives you unlimited access to new releases, but you can see below how much more expensive it is:

RegionEA Play (Monthly)EA Play (Yearly)EA Play Pro (Monthly)EA Play Pro (Yearly)

United States (USD)

United Kingdom (GBP)£3.99£19.99£14.99£89.99
Europe (EUR)€3.99€24.99€14.99


Australia (AUD)$6.99$39.99$19.99$129.99

Is it worth it? We would say no unless you play a lot of sports games. But that's for each person to decide for themselves.

We'll update you next month with the new rewards, until then, have you checked out the latest Prime Gaming rewards?