New Limited-Time Mode In Apex Legends: What Is Control?

A new event is coming to Apex, and it's bringing with it a limited-time mode called Control. But what is Control, and how does it work?
What is control apex legends
So this new event is coming with a mode called Control. What is that? | © EA

Apex Legends is getting Control back again. This is a limited-time mode that we get every so often with new events or midseason updates. And in this article, we're going to show exactly how Control works.

What Is Control?

Control is a 9vs9 respawn-mode, in which players try to capture and hold zones on the map with their team. Most of you will recognize this kind of mode as Domination from other shooters. And there's nothing new or fancy here, it's just classic Domination, but with the Apex Legends. You know the drill: push up to win the middle point, spawn forward for map control, and don't let them flip spawns on you.

There are 3 zones to be captured on the map. When you've captured one of the zones your team will earn points from it every second until the other team have captured it back. First team to 1250 points wins (matches are about 10-15 minutes long).

The only other rule to worry about is Lockout. When a team have all three zones captured then the game goes into Lockout. This starts a timer, and the controlling team can hold the Lockout until the timer reaches zero, they will immediately win the game. However, if the team that is "locked out" can successfully regain control over any zone, they will abort the Lockout and the game will resume as normal.

What Weapons Can You Use In Control?

You have your own loadouts in Control, so you can use anything you want provided it's a normal weapon and not a care-package weapon. Before you respawn each time in Control, you can change your Legend and edit your loadouts. You can see what the loadout editor screen looks like beneath:

Loadouts control apex legends
Unlike other modes in Apex, you get access to loadouts in Control. | © EA

If the idea of loadouts is overwhelming, and you aren't sure what to pick, then maybe we can help. Here's a complete ranking of all the weapons in Apex Legends Season 13, so you know which weapons to get into the loadouts and which to ignore.

What Are Play Ratings In Control?

Player Ratings are specific to Control, this is basically your in-game score, and the higher it goes, the better the weapons you can put in your loadouts that game. Also, if you get a really, excellent Rating throughout the course of a game then you get access to your Ultimate for a one-time use. The ratings go from blue, to purple, to gold, and you gain Player Rating by doing everything that would normally get you points in a game like this: kills, assists, and capturing zones.

What Maps Can You Play Control?

Control is played on 2 "maps", although they aren't really maps, just bordered off areas of the BR maps: Hammond Labs on Olympus, and Barometer on Storm Point. The locations have been updated with extra cover and updated traversal options to support dense firefights. These are the only maps we're aware of so far, but more might be added while Control is in rotation.

Storm Point Barometer Control Map
Remember this location on Storm Point? | © EA

And that's all there is to say about the addition of Control, which you can enjoy when it's in rotation. And don't forget, you want to bring your best Arenas Legend for this, not your BR-focused Legends, good luck!