How To Do A Takedown In Battlefield 2042

The ultimate flex in Battlefield 2042? A mid-combat takedown. But how do you perform a takedown in Battlefield?

How To Do A Takedown
They've put together some cool takedown animations. | © EA

If you love playing assault, but you're tired of killing people with a PP-29, and you're not interested in using shotguns, then maybe it's time to go full melee and bring out the takedowns. Takedowns are the coolest way to kill someone in Battlefield 2042, undoubtedly. But how do you perform a takedown?

What Is A Takedown In Battlefield 2042?

A takedown is a melee attack you can perform on an enemy that will kill them instantly, irrespective of how much health or armor they have. When you perform a takedown, the camera pans out and shows you a third-person perspective of the takedown animation. You will probably have seen these in other games if you've played other shooter games.

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How To Do A Takedown In Battlefield 2042?

Hold the usual button or key for melee when behind an enemy, just like you would in previous Battlefield titles or Call of Duty. For Xbox, PlayStation and PC, the melee keys are as follows (by default):

  • Xbox: R3 (Click the right stick)
  • PlayStation: R3 (Click the right stick)
  • PC: F Key

You'll know that you're in the correct position to do a takedown because a prompt should display in-game, telling you to perform a takedown.

Can You Customize Takedowns In Battlefield 2042?

Yes, you can customize Takedowns and select one for each of your Specialists. To do this, go into the All-Out-Warfare menus and navigate to your Collection. From there, you will need to select a Specialist you have unlocked, and in their sub-menu, you will see a tab for Takedowns. At the moment, there are only three different Takedowns to choose from, but we're pretty sure you can expect some more when the first season begins...