The Best Utility Weapons In Battlefield 2042

Using the strongest weapons can give you a huge advantage in Battlefield 2042; the balance is far from perfect right now...So make sure you don't get caught out picking trash! Here's a complete ranking of every utility weapon.

Tier Ranking Every Utility Weapon in Battlefield 2042
It's time to answer the most important question in shooters - what's the best gun? | © EA

Battlefield 2042 has a lot of depth and diversity in its gameplay but there's always going to be one question that, when you get down to it, is first on every gamer's mind: what's the best weapon? What weapon should you put the time into leveling? Don't worry we're the same. And that's why we've broken down the best weapons in the game in our complete guide to the BF2042 meta. But in this article, we're going to go on a deep dive, and rank every utility weapon in Battlefield 2042. Enjoy!

What Are The Best Utility Weapons In Battlefield 2042?

3. MCS-880

Battlefield Weapons MCS 880

The MCS-880 is your basic pump-action, a good starter shotgun, but we don't imagine it will be very popular. Shotguns rarely are in Battlefield games because those environments rarely create short-range gunfights. One saving grace for the MCS-880 is the option to change ammunition type. By swapping out buckshot for slugs, the MCS can gain some much-needed range and help you stay alive as you're making your way to the objective. But there's only so much these attachments can do.

2. GVT 45-70

Battlefield Weapons GVT

The GVT 45-70 is really more of a marksman rifle, but such are the class distinctions in Battlefield 2042, we've been forced to compare it to the shotguns. It won't be as good as either of the shotguns in close range but this weapon is one of the most fun to use in the whole game and it's pretty capable when you use it as you would other marksman rifles. The rate of fire is quite a downside, making follow-up shots pretty hard to land before you get turned on, but if you can hit the chest and head you can put people out of action before they get the chance.

1. 12M Auto

Battlefield Weapons 12 M

The 12M does exactly what you want a shotgun to do - it decimates anyone within 15m, making the 12M the perfect weapon for those brave souls who actually do PTFO. Look we aren't going to lie to you, obviously, the 12M is going to be useless at a certain range, and no it isn't very versatile. But slap on a drum mag, drive to an enemy objective and you can tear your way through whole squads with this thing. Beautiful.

Battlefield 2042 Utility Weapon Stats Comparison



12M Auto70


GVT 45-70756867392

That's it for our roundup of the best utility weapons in Battlefield 2042. We're pretty sure that balance will improve, but as we said at the start, picking the right weapons is crucial to success right now. There are some real duds and there are some broken beauties. Hopefully, we've helped you pick the latter. Good luck out there!