Redditor Gets Into Battlefield 2042 Early - Leaks Everything

A now-infamous Redditor was able to get into Battlefield 2042 a week early and proceeded to leak as much as he possibly could. Here's a rundown of everything we learned.

BF2042 All Weapons Leak
The user was kind enough to share every weapon and unlock level in the game. | © EA

Battlefield 2042's beta showed us a decent chunk of the game, and the subsequent gameplay trailers have given us even more, but we still thought we would need to wait until the release day. Nope. Thanks to u/Aaronfrogger - whose name will go down in legend on the Battlefield subreddit - we've been given an early insight into the game. And before you ask, yes, he's now been banned by EA and kicked out of Battlefield 2042.

Right, without further ado, let's get into everything we learned about Battlefield 2042 thanks to these leaks, there are weapon details, information about the Portal mode, and an update on Specialists.

Weapons & Attachments

The weapons in Battlefield 2042 had previously been shared by leakers, and it seems like they were mostly correct, but they did miss a few. You can see in the image above that we're getting:

  • 3 x Pistols
  • 4 x Assault Rifles
  • 4 x SMGs
  • 2 x LMGs
  • 3 x Marksman Rifles
  • 3 x Snipers
  • 3 x "Utility" (Shotguns)

But besides seeing just how many there are, we also discovered the unlock level for each. By level 60, you will have every weapon unlocked.

A menu of the attachment screen was shared and then deleted, but this confirmed that for each individual weapon, there would be about 40 attachments spread over 4 different slots. You can choose a selection of attachments pre-game to then use in the new in-game attachment swapping system. Perfect for the John Wicks of this world...

The Portal Mode

Probably the most exciting thing to come to Battlefield 2042 will be the new Portal mode. It's a combination of assets and maps from older games, brought back and muddled together. Thanks to Aaronfrogger, we can now confirm that Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 3, will be the first three older games to have their content remastered:

They've used an image from Battlefield V as a placeholder for each game, but remember, no one was supposed to see this menu yet, so by launch, it'll certainly have changed. We didn't get to see any of the Portal gameplay, unfortunately, but we don't have long left before we can play the game ourselves anyhow.

Specialist Balance Changes

Specialists have been one of the most controversial parts of Battlefield 2042, the idea of them was despised from the get-go, and hands-on time during the beta did nothing to dissuade the community. A recent gameplay trailer revealed even more of the Specialists, and one of them stuck out as so blatantly OP, it was hard to believe they were going to be in the finished product.

The Specialist in question wore a sort of radar on her forehead and used it to get wallhacks. But as our leaker was able to confirm:

So I forgot to say this yesterday but I tried the wall hacks op and they have nerfed her it now only highlights visible enemies in red.

Only highlighting enemies in red might still be far too much, but we'll have to wait and see how it plays compared to other Specialists.

Battlefield 2042 Leaks
Look who's been locked... | © EA

AI Settings

Also included in the leak were the first shots of AI settings. Bots will be a huge part of 2042 because they're used to automatically fill empty slots in multiplayer games. In the beta, they were all quite easy to kill and quite obviously bots. But they were presumably set to "beginner" difficulty, whereas in the full-release you're able to set them on a harder difficulty. Although, as you can see beneath, that is the only option available for these guys:

BF2042 Bots Menu Leak
Maybe the bots have been improved since the beta? This wasn't clarified by the leaker. | © EA