Activision Finally Gives Community What They Want: 1v1 Gulag Returning To Warzone 2

After fairly widespread disappointment with Warzone 2, Activision are finally giving in to a few key player demands. One of the first things they've announced they'll do is bring back 1v1 Gulags.

1v1 Gulag Warzone 2
The 1v1 Gulag model is returning to Warzone, and most fans are glad. | © Activision

Warzone 2 launched fairly successfully. But before long, many of the game's biggest pros and content creators began to complain about the changes that were made between Warzone 1 and 2. For some, the game designers had simply gone too far and were "fixing" things that weren't broken.

Of course, other members of the community do enjoy the changes, as Jukeyz testified in our recent interview, but those voices seem to be the minority. So to appease the majority, Raven and IW are going to start rolling back some of the changes they made to CoDs BR. And it all begins with a return to the 1v1 Gulag format.

When Will 1v1 Gulags Return To Warzone?

The Gulag will return to a 1v1 format at some point during Season 2, which launches on Wednesday, February 15 at 10:00am PT (1pm ET / 6pm GMT) and lasts for two months. We're also expecting a new Resurgence map to be released with Season 2, as well as a Ranked Mode for Modern Warfare 2, and the usual set of broken weapons.

The 1v1 Gulag might be released at the very start of Season 2, but their language isn't clear:

The fact they've said "Gulag updates are coming in Season 2" makes us think the Gulag update will come with the midseason patch, which is probably dropping in mid-March.

Will The 1v1 Gulag Get A New Map?

We have had no official confirmation of a new map for 1v1 Gulag, but based on how regularly we get new Gulag maps anyway, we highly suspect a new map will be released at the same time. We'll keep you updated if we hear anything else from Raven or IW. Until then, let us know whether you liked the 2v2 Gulag format, or whether you're glad to see it axed.

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