Warzone 2.0 Update Makes Suppressors Useless

In Warzone 2, unlike Warzone 1, you don't show up on the minimap when firing unsuppressed weapons, but you are still supposed to appear as a red ping on enemy compasses. However, this feature no longer seems to work, and so the "suppressed" benefit of the Call of Duty game's suppressors is pointless.

Suppressors broken
Call of Duty: Bravo six, going dark... or not lol | © Activision

Warzone 2 Season 2 is almost upon us, and yet still, players are experiencing massive teething issues. Sure, Al Mazrah is well-designed, and we're excited about the new Resurgence map, but pretty much everything else needs a lot of work. For some reason they removed all the quality of life features we gained during Warzone 1's lifetime, and certain weapons like the Fennec and the RPK have reduced the average TTK far too drastically.

Sadly, we've got more bad news for you today. We don't know whether they meant to do this (and just didn't tell us in the patch notes for some reason), or whether this is the result of a bug, but unsuppressed fire is no longer causing red pings to appear on the compass.

"Sound Suppression" Benefit Now Useless In Warzone 2

"Sound Suppression" no longer has any benefit in Warzone 2, which means suppressors are now only worth using if you want their other stats. Suppressors were able to keep us off the compass when firing, but now you don't need a suppressor as the compass is broken, so you can ignore this stat in the gunsmith.

It might still be worth using a suppressor if it provides great recoil control or damage range, but you need to just completely ignore the "sound suppression" benefit when weighing up whether an attachment is worth it. Classic Infinity Ward.

Sorry to bring you bad news, but how about something positive to end on? The first female pro-CoD player to ever qualify for a Challengers Elite tournament, Kels, is playing tonight!

Activision never says no to that sweet dollar...

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