First Location Of The New Warzone Map Revealed: Observatory

The first location for the new Warzone map has been revealed: Observatory. Further evidence of the modern American setting we've heard so much about.

Warzone Observatory
Peak anyone? | © Activision Blizzard & Wikipedia

We've known about the modern-American setting for Warzone's next map for quite some time now, but we hadn't heard any specific details until this week. A known-leaker has finally revealed our first POI, and it suggests another mountainous map. Or, at least, there's going to be a mountain on the map, even if the rest of it is fairly flat. But we're getting ahead of ourselves, let's take a look at the first location we can expect in the next Warzone map.

First POI Of New Warzone Map Revealed

Insider Tom Henderson took to Twitter this week to casually reveal the first POI on the new Warzone map: Observatory. He was replying to an image of Calder's Peak with the caption, "you might not like it, but this is what peak Warzone looks like". Tom's response:

The next Warzone map will be an Infinity Ward creation, set in modern-America, and so an observatory makes sense. Let's just hope it plays a lot better than Caldera's Peak. Having locations at much higher altitudes on the map than everywhere else can provide a huge advantage to campers. And when the circle ends on a really high position? That's a recipe for a boring BR game.

We still agree that it's most likely the next map is set in North America, but with news of cartels in the MW2 campaign it could still be South America. Until then, though, we need to get through another year of Caldera and Krampus 2.0...