Call of Duty 5 Black Ops: Setting Leaked

Call of Duty 5: Black Ops got hit with the mandatory leak, and now we have some concept art and a setting.

Call of duty 5 black ops
Vietnam would be cool too, actually... | © Amir Kahory, ArtStation

You know how it goes these days: Games are not revealed anymore - they are leaked. Plus, the bigger game, the bigger the staff, and thus... the bigger the chances it's going to get leaked. Of course, there are few games bigger than Call of Duty, and, honestly... I can't remember the last time that Call of Duty info wasn't leaked. Official reveals? Ha... that's funny. Call of Duty 5 Black Ops is no exception, and thanks to the leaking culture, we now have the game's setting.

Call of Duty 5 Black Ops Setting Leaked

Yeah, yeah, I know... I love it too. Colors, light... wow. Not darkness, grey and edginess... love it. In case you're wondering, the setting was leaked via COD Warzone: Mobile. Don't ask me how that works, but it does mean that these are official.

It's rumored that this game will be a direct sequel to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, but, honestly... we have no clue. Well, at least we have a setting now, so that's something, and we're just gonna add it to the heap of other Call of Duty leaks we've assembled over the times...