Call of Duty League 2022 Opening Weekend: Jan 21-23 | Results & Fixtures

To launch the 2022 season of the CDL, Zenni gaming are hosting a kickoff weekend in Arlington, Texas. You can see the best teams in the world showcase their talent for the year ahead. Here are the details.

Opening Weekend
And so it begins. | © Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty competitive scene kicks off the 2022 season with an opening weekend LAN event. All 12 teams will be in attendance for a knockout style tournament, and the first chance to affect team standings. We've detailed the results, the current bracket, and everything you need to know to be able to watch the action beneath. Enjoy!

When & Where to Watch

The CDL opening weekend begins at 16:00 ET (21:00 GMT, 22:00 CET) on Friday, January 21, and lasts until Sunday, January 23, at around 20:30 ET (01:30 GMT, 02:30 CET on Monday, January 24). If you're lucky enough to live near Arlington, Texas, then you could buy tickets and go to the event in person ($45 for a weekend pass and $20 per day), otherwise you can watch the event online via the official YouTube channel for the CDL.


Day 1 – Friday, January 21


Day 1 was fairly predictable, with the only one close match being between Boston Breach and NYSL. Breach fought hard but at the end of the day, Crim is still the GOAT, and after all these years he hasn't lost it, going 117 for 93 overall and claiming the most kills of the day. Ravens and Legion were unfortunately as weak as anyone could have predicted. And an honorable mention is owed to Owakening from Florida Mutineers, who put in an exceptional performance against the L.A. Guerillas.

Going into day 2, FaZe are most likely to make it through, while the closest match will probably be between NYSL vs. RØKKR. A lot of fans will be keeping an eye on the Mutineers, who seem like one of the more interesting teams at the event, but the Ultras be a serious challenge to them.

Match 1 – Florida Mutineers vs. L.A. Guerrillas (3-1)



1HardpointBocage250-246 / Mutineers
2S&DBerlin6-3 / Mutineers
3ControlTuscan3-2 / L.A. Guerillas
4HardpointBerlin250-162 / Mutineers

Match 2 –Seattle Surge vs. London Royal Ravens (3-0)



1HardpointBocage250-203 / Surge
2S&DBerlin6-4 / Surge
3ControlTuscan3-0 / Surge

Match 3 – New York Subliners vs. Boston Breach (3-2)



1HardpointBocage250-140 / NYSL
2S&DTuscan6-5 / Breach
3ControlGavutu3-2 / NYSL
4HardpointBerlin250-240 / Breach


6-1 / NYSL

Match 4 – L.A. Thieves vs. Paris Legion (3-1)





Gavutu250-214 / L.A. Thieves
2S&DDesert Siege6-1 / L.A. Thieves
3ControlGavutu3-2 / Legion
4HardpointTuscan250-138 / L.A. Thieves

Day 2 – Saturday, January 22


Day 2 opened with a thrilling (and admittedly very unexpected) win by Seattle Surge over Atlanta FaZe. That's right, the FaZe team that were so overwhelmingly dominant through 2021 lost their first match of the season, and pretty convincingly. Maybe Vanguard is the right game for this Surge roster?

This wasn't the only upset of the night, in fact, only one of the teams that were guaranteed a place in the quarter-finals have made it through to the semis: Toronto Ultra. This should lead us into a fantastic final day of the event, with a lot of “underdogs” battling it out for their first LAN win of the season. Our favorite player from the second day was probably young Neptune from NYSL, who had a stunning S&D match on Desert Siege.

Match 1 – Atlanta FaZe vs. Seattle Surge (3-1)



1HardpointBocage250-150 / FaZe
2S&DTuscan6-5 / Surge
3ControlGavutu3-0 / Surge
4HardpointTuscan250-196 / Surge

Match 2 – Florida Mutineers vs. Toronto Ultra



1HardpointGavutu250-183 / Ultra
2S&DBerlin6-2 / Mutineers
3ControlTuscan3-0 / Ultra
4HardpointBerlin250-150 / Ultra

Match 3 – New York Subliners vs. Minnesota RØKKR



1HardpointBocage250-242 / NYSL
2S&DDesert Siege6-3 / NYSL
3ControlTuscan3-2 / NYSL

Match 4 – OpTic Texas vs. L.A. Thieves



1HardpointGavutu250-217 / L.A. Thieves
2S&DDesert Siege6-4 / L.A. Thieves
3ControlTuscan3-1 / OpTic
4HardpointTuscan250-238 / L.A. Thieves

Day 3 – Sunday, January 23

Wow. Anyone who still doubted whether Drazah could play SMG slayer has been firmly put in their place after that. The L.A. Thieves vs. Ultra match was easily the best we saw, and made for an incredible final day to an all-around great opening weekend for the CDL. Unfortunately, the Surge vs. NYSL match was less exciting. NYSL got outslayed on every map and never really gained momentum, but Pred was fun to watch.

In the finals, Ultra felt far more in control than they had against L.A. Thieves. The last map in particular (Berlin, Hardpoint) must have been hard to watch as a Surge fan. Going forward, this Ultra team are going to be the guys to beat. And surely we can expect to see from Atlanta FaZe too.

Semi-Finals (Match 1) – NYSL vs. Seattle Surge



1HardpointGavutu250-233 / NYSL
2S&DBerlin6-3 / Surge
3ControlTuscan3-0 / Surge
4HardpointBerlin250-200 / Surge

Semi-Finals (Match 2) – L.A. Thieves vs. Toronto Ultra



1HardpointBocage250-147 / L.A. Thieves
2S&DBerlin6-3 / Ultra
3ControlTuscan3-1 / L.A. Thieves
4HardpointTuscan250-248 / Ultra
5S&DBocage6-4 / Ultra

Finals – Seattle Surge vs. Toronto Ultra



1HardpointBocage250-203 / Surge
2S&DTuscan6-4 / Ultra
3ControlTuscan3-2 / Ultra
4HardpointBerlin250-71 / Ultra

The Game Schedule

DateTime ETTime PTTime GMTTeams
Friday, January 2117:3014:3022:30LONDON ROYAL RAVENS VS SEATTLE SURGE
Friday, January 2119:0016:0000:00 (Saturday)BOSTON BREACH VS NEW YORK SUBLINERS
Friday, January 2120:3017:3001:30 (Saturday)PARIS LEGION VS LOS ANGELES THIEVES
Saturday, January 2216:0013:0021:00FLORIDA MUTINEERS VS ATLANTA FAZE
Saturday, January 2217:3014:3022:30SEATTLE SURGE VS TORONTO ULTRA
Saturday, January 2219:0016:0000:00 (Sunday)


Saturday, January 2220:3017:3001:30 (Sunday)LOS ANGELES THIEVES VS OPTIC TEXAS
Sunday, January 2316:0013:0021:00SEATTLE SURGE VS NEW YORK SUBLINERS
Sunday, January 2317:3014:3022:30TORONTO ULTRA VS LOS ANGELES THIEVES
Sunday, January 2319:0016:0000:00 (Monday)TBD VS TBD

Opening Weekend Bracket

Here is the current bracket.

DAY 2 Opening Weekend CDL Bracket
The second day was a jaw-dropper. | © Activision Blizzard

What Are The Competitive Rules This Season?

If you're just getting into the Call of Duty competitive scene, then you may not realize how much is restricted in competitive play compared to ordinary multiplayer. You can find the officially restricted items beneath, but in addition to what's officially banned, teams can also agree to ban items by GA (Gentlemen's Agreement).

Primary Weapons

  • All Shotguns
  • All Light Machine Guns
  • Combat Shield

All 12 teams voted to unanimously GA snipers, as of 11/01/22.

Secondary Weapons

  • All Launchers.


  • Perk 1:
    • Dauntless
    • Ghost
  • Perk 2:
    • Tracker
    • High Alert
    • Forward Intel
    • Piercing Vision
  • Perk 3:
    • Overkill
    • Tactician


  • Incendiary Grenade
  • Throwing Knife
  • Thermite
  • Demolition Charge
  • Molotov Cocktail


  • Stim
  • MK V Gas
  • S-Mine 44
  • Decoy Grenade


All Killstreaks, except Artillery Strike and Cruise Missile.

What are the Maps & Modes?

For the entirety of the 2022 season, CDL matches will consist of Search and Destroy, Control and Hardpoint. So far, the following maps have been agreed upon:

  • Search & Destroy:
    • Tuscan
    • Bocage
    • Desert Siege
    • Berlin
    • Demyansk
  • Hardpoint:
    • Tuscan
    • Bocage
    • Gavutu
    • Desert Siege
    • Berlin
  • Control: TBC