Call of Duty - Player of the Month | December, 2021: Reidboyy

As the usual suspects took to Caldera, one player started to break away from the rest of the pack: Reidboyy. Here's our Call of Duty Player of the Month!

This guy has seen huge success with the new map. | © Reidboyy

As part of the Yeet & Iron clique, Reidboyy has been successful in Warzone since way back in the early days of Verdansk. But since the launch of Caldera, he's really skyrocketed. Something about the level playing field of Caldera, and the lack of crutches like Heartbeat Sensors, has widened the skill gap dramatically, allowing pros to really dominate. But even for a pro, Reidboyy has been pretty special, and has jumped ahead of the pack on the new Caldera map. We want to showcase Reidboyy this month, and we think he more than deserves our Player of the Month. But who is Reidboyy? And what's he been doing on Caldera to earn Player of the Month?

Who Is Reidboyy?

Reidboyy is a professional streamer that focuses purely on Warzone, and on getting win after win. He's fairly private about his personal life, and that's fair enough, because his performance in-game is more than enough to secure him a huge and dedicated fan base. You can check out his Twitch, Twitter and YouTube beneath:

You'll notice from his content that he plays for the dubs rather than the kills. Sure, he's aggressive, but he holds back when he needs to, to make sure he keeps his astonishing record.

If you ever want to make it big in the Call of Duty scene, then you'll need to get all the basics nailed, of course:

Why Is Reidboyy Our Call of Duty Player Of The Month?

We've chosen Reidboyy as our December 2021 Call of Duty Player of the Month because he's basically emerged as the best player in the world on the new Caldera map. And with the CDL currently still in off-season, it seemed right to award one of the Warzone focused CoD pros.

Thankfully for the competition, he's taking a couple of weeks off over the Christmas break to allow them to catch up. And trust us, they need it...

This kind of win percentage is almost laughable in a Battle Royale, but if you see how he plays, you'll understand why. He combines near-Aydan level gunskill with Iron's patient and strategic mindset. And with that combination, you're pretty much unstoppable.

You'll find Reidboyy running a Bren and an MP40 most frequently:

That was our last Player of the Month for 2021, we'll see you again next year!