Call of Duty - Player of the Month | November, 2021: Scump

Scump is one of the best Call of Duty players of all time, and he's been competing for over 10 years, but this month he deserves a special mention...

Scump cod player of the month december
Scump has moved to OpTic this month, so you can expect Atlanta Faze to have some serious competition in the CDL this season. | © Scump's Twitter

We tend to award our Player of the Month to up and coming players like Wagnificent, and emerging content creators like JGOD, but this month we're giving a shoutout to one of the absolute legends of Call of Duty. Right up there with Crimsix, Clayster, and Karma, is Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, maybe the best Call of Duty player in the world right now.

Who Is Scump?

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has being playing professionally since Black Ops, way back in 2011, and he's done it all, honestly, it's easier to list things he hasn't achieved in Call of Duty. Alongside Karma and C6 he's undeniably a top 3 CoD player of all time, but even more impressively than those two, he's stayed with the scene from way back in the golden years, through the jetpack era, and now even into the age of Warzone.

In game, Scump plays what's referred to as "Slayer SMG", in other games this might be referred to as a Fragger. Basically, his primary goal is to stay highly mobile, get the enemy team caught up in engagements, and (ideally) win those fights. It's not as bread-and-butter as the other roles in competitive CoD and you won't necessarily see someone play slayer from each team every game, because so few players are good enough to justify the risk, but Scump absolutely is.

Why Is Scump Our Call of Duty Player Of The Month?

Now, Scump would deserve to win on almost any month of the year; he's one of the top three players of all time (arguably the best) and he's been in the pro-scene longer than anyone else still competing. But Scump recently won one of the biggest Warzone tournaments to date, winning $100,000:

...and he's just joined OpTic's more Warzone-oriented CDL team. In other words, what Scump has demonstrated this month, is the ability for a long-term CDL pro to adapt with the changing CoD scene and move into the Warzone space. Or dominate the new space, we should rather say.

There's been a tension between the CDL and Warzone since the BR's launch last year, and players like Scump slowly help to bridge that gap. This is crucial for the CDL's long-term health because simply put: the CDL's viewership is in terminal decline whereas Warzone goes from strength to strength. So thank you Scump, for leading the way, and for the decade of fantastic play and entertainment. We're wishing you luck with OpTic this season!