The First Images Of CoD: Black Ops 2023 Have Leaked

We've known that CoD: 2023 would be a Black Ops reboot for some time, but now the first images have reportedly leaked online. Let's take a look!

Co D Black Ops 2023
It's quite likely that they're rebooting the series in the same way Infinity Ward did to Modern Warfare in 2019 | © Activision Blizzard

Just a few hours ago (December 31, at the time of writing) a series of images emerged that supposedly show Call of Duty 2023. These images were first shared on a Discord server dedicated to leaks, and from there, began making their way through the usual channels. The images seem to confirm that Call of Duty 2023 will be a Black Ops reboot. Players only very recently discovered hints in the new Warzone map that suggested Call of Duty: Ghosts would be the sequel coming in 2023, but in hindsight, this must be the release planned for 2024. Without further ado, let's take a look at those leaked screenshots.

The Reportedly Leaked Images of CoD: 2023

You can find a full gallery of the leaked images beneath:

COD 2023

Seem familiar? Yep, they've got that very distinctive Black Ops feel. We can see they've got Campaign, Multiplayer, and a Zombies mode included, which is exactly what we should expect. They've also included a Milano 821, which is from BOCW, but could quite easily reappear in 2023, as tons of guns do.

But before the excitement of 2023, we will of course be enjoying Modern Warfare 2022 first:

Can We Trust The CoD: 2023 Leak?

These were originally shared in a Discord server for leaks, as we mentioned, but as with all such leaks from Discord, we have to take this with a grain of salt. For one thing, many assets from Black Ops Cold War have been used. Now, this doesn't immediately discredit the leak because Call of Duty does reuse assets, but it should highlight how easy a fan-made render could be to produce. Furthermore, the images look less impressive than they should for a project developed on the upgraded IW8 engine.

But, in the leak's favor, we can see an outline of Zombies Factions, which is an idea we know they had planned for BO4 but eventually had to scrap. That's quite an obscure tidbit of knowledge, and to have included new Factions (the ones planned for BO4 were different) is going an extra mile that most fakes don't. All in all,we've got about 35% confidence in this leak being legit.

We're almost 100% certain about 2022's Modern Warfare 2 reboot, however: