CoD: Mobile Won't Be Canceled For Warzone Mobile

Activision just confirmed that Call of Duty: Mobile will not be phased out in favor of Warzone Mobile. Here's everything we know.

Co D Mobile Heavy Metal
CoD: Mobile will still be supported with new content. | © Activision

As we all know, Microsoft is currently trying to buy Activision Blizzard and thus also the Call of Duty franchise. However, to do so, they still have to convince some of the regulators, especially the UK government’s Competition and Markets Authority. In a response to the CMA, Microsoft just recently claimed that "CoD: Mobile is expected to be phased out over time (outside of China) with the launch of Warzone Mobile."

As it turns out, that might not be true at all.

Activision Will Continue Support For CoD: Mobile

The official Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter account just posted a statement, saying they will in fact continue supporting the game with new content, activities and updates in the future.

This goes directly against what Microsoft said, which causes some confusion. However, Microsoft has not yet acquired Activision Blizzard, and they are coming up with new ways to convince authorities almost every day. So in our opinion, it is very likely they didn't actually discuss the topic in depth with Activision before giving their response to the CMA.

Warzone Mobile is already out in Australia since December 2022 and will be rolled out globally in the coming months. While it is almost guaranteed to be a big hit, it would certainly be a mistake to just cancel CoD: Mobile. The game is a global success, has its own championships and more players than the actual console releases.

What do you think? Will Microsoft actually cancel CoD: Mobile if their Acquisition of Activision Blizzard goes through, or was this just another move to get the CMA on their side? We would definitely hate to see CoD: Mobile go and hope that Activision can keep their latest promise.

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