Desperation? Microsoft Runs Full-Page Newspaper Ad To Support Their Deal With Activision

In an effort to persuade the public that Microsoft should be allowed to acquire Activision, the tech-giant has funded a full-page ad in two UK newspapers. Microsoft's ad promises the reader that this move will provide "more games, for more players, on more platforms".

Microsoft Ad To Buy Co D
This is another image from the ad-campaign, the general idea is that Xbox will bring Call of Duty to more fans, and in more ways. | © Microsoft

Microsoft's attempt to buy Activision has been getting out of hand. Just recently we heard about Xbox's strange promise to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo, and then PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan was exposed for saying he doesn't care about a Call of Duty deal, he only cares about blocking the merger.

One of the most strongly-opposed legal authorities to the deal is the UK's CMA. And so, to win in the UK's court of public opinion, Microsoft have put out a couple of full-page ads that advocate for the acquisition.

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Microsoft Take Out Full-Page Ads For Their Merger

Microsoft recently paid for two full-page ads in UK newspapers that support their acquisition of Activision Blizzard. We're not sure whether the CMA take advice from newspaper advertisements, but perhaps Microsoft can turn public sentiment against Sony with this campaign?

At the very least, by using language like "uniting" rather than "buying" to describe the move, they can make it seem less threatening.

You can see what the ads look like here:

Call of Duty is already available on Xbox, so they must be referencing Nintendo players that will be brought into the fold if the deal goes through. Otherwise, we're not sure where the 150 million players are coming from.

Are you a CoD player? If so, who would you rather own the franchise? Activision, with all their dirty laundry, or Xbox, who failed pretty hard with their last massive shooter?

But while the acquisition continues to create drama, the CoD franchise suffers...

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