Call of Duty 2023 Will FAIL Without These 4 Features! 

We came up with 4 features that should definitely be part of Call of Duty 2023. If Sledgehammer Games nails these, we are in for a treat.

Co D 2023 changes
If Call of Duty 2023 implements these features it will be a success. | © Activision

Ar first we thought Modern Warfare 2 would get a two-year cycle, but then we found out about CoD 2023. Apparently, Sledgehammer Games were working on a big expansion for Modern Warfare 2 to be released this fall instead of a new premium title. As it turns out, this DLC will now be a new Call of Duty premium title after all.

Naturally, we started thinking about the last few games of Sledgehammer as well as current complaints in the CoD community and came up with a few features that we think are vital for CoD 2023 to be successful. Yes, the CoD community is probably the most negative gaming community out there, but with these 4 features they would have a lot less to whine about.

CoD 2023: Most Important Features/Changes

Every year when a new Call of Duty game drops, the community goes crazy and hates on new features. Sledgehammer Games does not have the best reputation among CoD players. Especially after the controversial WW2 and Vanguard games. However, they always had some innovative ideas, and we would actually like to see some of those features, among others, in CoD 2023.

Here is what the next CoD needs to not fail.

Focus On 12 Maps At Launch

We want the devs to focus on about 12 multiplayer maps at launch. Feel free to include some nice remakes like Nuketown, Shipment or Raid, but don't try to forcefully put out a huge load of new maps only for half of them to be unplayable. And don't just copy real-world places without asking the owners again!

Have Ranked Play At Launch

Ranked Play is one of the most important features in every competitive video game. Why is it that Call of Duty always launches without it and then introduces it several months after release? Modern Warfare 2 was launched on October 28, 2022, and Ranked Play was just added with Season 2 on February 15, 2023.

We don't even need a new version of Ranked Play every year, just copy and paste the MW2 or Vanguard Ranked Play and have it ready at launch.

Red Dots On Mini Map

We still have no idea who thought that it would be a great idea to get rid of the classic red dots for unsuppressed fire on the mini map... It's only a small feature, but it has a great impact. Without it, suppressors and a lot of perks are completely obsolete in multiplayer.

If a player fires an unsuppressed gun, he needs to be shown as a red dot on the mini map! This is how it always has been and how it should have stayed in the first place (if you don't like it use a suppressor).

Bring Back Combat Pacing & Operator Levels

Yes, we know that Vanguard was not that great, but it had some innovative features – at least for CoD. We really liked the Combat Pacing system that allowed us to basically choose the intensity of our matches. Maybe reduce it to just two rather than three options and give us "Blitz" and "Tactical". That way, players can choose if they want to play more tactical with small teams or just have pure chaos and double the team sizes.

Apart from that, we would also like the Operator level system to make a comeback. In Vanguard, each Operator could be leveled to unlock special skins, finishing moves or voice lines. That was a great way to give some more depth to Operators and also to add some more content to grind for.

What do you think CoD 2023 needs to be successful? We already know that the devs are struggling with the tight schedule, so let's hope they can at least get some of those features done.

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