Warzone 2's Most Annoying Killstreak Will Be Disabled

After many complaints, Raven Software is finally disabling the most hated killstreak in Warzone 2. Bomb Drones will be removed from the game in Season 2 Reloaded.

Bomb Drone Warzone 2
These little Bomb Drones will soon be disabled. | © Activision

Warzone 2 is a great game... but it also has a bunch of problems. Players are not happy about AI soldiers all over the map, the KV Broadside shotgun has produced one of the most boring metas in Warzone history, and Bomb Drones have been a major issue since they were introduced. Luckily, Raven Software have already announced a nerf for the KV Broadside, which should do significantly less damage afterward.

But what about the Bomb Drone killstreak? Those drones can be piloted from far away and almost always result in a guaranteed down or finish. Now, you could say, "Well, you just got outplayed", but many players would argue that Bomb Drones make fighting for good positioning useless. No matter how good your positioning is, any player can just pick up a Bomb Drone and eliminate your squad, or at least force the squad to move.

But hey, Raven Software are finally listening to the community.

Bomb Drones Disabled in Warzone 2

The devs announced on Twitter that with the Season 2 Reloaded Update, Bomb Drones will be disabled in Warzone 2. However, the Bomb Drones are only disabled temporarily and will come back in a later update. The devs just want to take some time to figure out, how to balance the killstreak better.

We appreciate Raven Software finally listening to the community's complaints and making changes to op weapons, killstreaks and more. What would you like them to change about the Bomb Drones? In my opinion, it will be really hard to balance them without making them either op or completely useless.

As soon as the Season 2 Reloaded Patch Notes drop, we will of course keep you up to date with all the important changes.

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