Warzone 2.0: Data Heist Public Event Explained & Rewards

A new public event just went live in Warzone 2.0: Data Heist. We explain how it works and what rewards you can get.

WZ2 0 Data Heist
How does the Data Heist public event work in Warzone 2.0? | © Activision

With Warzone 2.0 Season 2 we finally got Resurgence back. After the community was begging for months to bring back a smaller map in the style of Rebirth Island or Fortune's Keep, the devs gave us Ashika Island.

With Ashika Island we also got some fun new Easter eggs and now a new public event. Here's everything you need to know about the new Data Heist public event.

Warzone 2.0: Data Heist Public Event Explained

The new Data Heist event just went live and is exclusive to Ashika Island – it won't appear on Al Mazrah. The public event takes place in every match and starts during the second circle collapse.

When the event starts, three uplink stations will become available on the map. Players can then make their way to these stations and download intel from them. However, the uplink stations will be guarded by AI Shadow Company enemies.

Killing those AI soldiers will speed up the download process, while enemy players can halt the process by contesting the station area or using the DDOS field upgrade.

Warzone 2.0: Data Heist Public Event Rewards

After successfully completing a download, players will be rewarded with loot. The loot for completing a download includes:

  • XP
  • Cash
  • One random piece of Tactical Equipment

Should your squad be able to secure more than one uplink station, you will receive increased rewards. Those will include Advanced UAVs and random Killstreaks.

What do you think of the new Data Heist public event? Is it a nice addition to the game, or do you hate it because it reintroduces AI enemies to Ashika Island?

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