Fan Favorite Mode Returning To Call of Duty In Season 2 Reloaded

A few fan favorite party modes are coming to Modern Warfare II in Season 2: Reloaded, including the legendary One in the Chamber!

One in the Chamber returns MW2
One in the Chamber is coming back in MW2! | © Activision

In the OG Black Ops there was something called a "Wager Match", in which players could literally gamble their CoD Points on the outcome of the game. The winners (top 3 players) would get points, and the losers would have to pay out. They made special modes for Wager Matches, and one of the best was called One in the Chamber.

Whether you're just hearing about One in the Chamber for the first time, or whether you remember it fondly, we're pleased to announce it's returning to Call of Duty. A number of party modes will be coming to Modern Warfare 2 on March 15, when Season 2 Reloaded begins. Here's everything we know about the new modes so far.

New Party Modes In Call of Duty Season 2: Reloaded

Here are the three confirmed party modes and a brief explanation of how they work.

One in the Chamber

It's super simple:

  • Free-for-all.
  • You have three lives.
  • All you have is a pistol and one bullet (hence the name).
  • Shooting an enemy anywhere on the body will kill them.
  • You get one bullet back with every kill.

It really is that stripped-back. It's obviously very campy as people just stalk the map, but it has a real intensity to it.

All or Nothing

Again, this one is super stripped-back:

  • Free-for-all.
  • First to 20 eliminations.
  • Only throwing knives and a pistol to start.
  • No ammo for the pistol to start, but when you earn your first kill you get the Scavenger perk, which allows you to pick up ammo from dead enemies for the rest of the game.
  • You unlock more perks with each kill.

This is more chaotic than One in the Chamber.

Let's hope this makes it into CoD 2023:

Drop Zone

Drop Zone is just Hardpoint, but for every 15 seconds the point is occupied a random killstreak drops nearby.

And there you have it, some great party modes are on the way. Will you stop the ranked grind to enjoy some light-hearted fun? Or are you still busy unlocking the new MMR in Shipment?

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