The Fastest Way To Level Up Weapons In Vanguard Zombies

Do you still have a few weapons to level yet? Are you big fans of Zombies mode? No problem. Today, we're going to explain how to most effectively collect weapon XP in Zombies.

Waffen leveln Zombies
What's the fastest way to level up your weapons in Zombies? | © Activision

You just got Vanguard and you want to level up some weapons for Warzone? Leveling a single weapon from level 0 to level 70 can take a long time. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to collect weapon XP much more effectively. We already explained how this works in Vanguard multiplayer in our multiplayer XP grinding guide.

However, there will also be players who don't find the multiplayer that fun and prefer to play the Zombies mode. And in many previous CoDs it was quite common to level up weapons in zombies. It's a bit more difficult in Vanguard, but we still have some tips for maximizing the amount of weapon XP.

How To Level Weapons In Vanguard

Vanguard Leveling
You unlock an attachment or a camo at every level. | © Activision

In order to level up weapons in Vanguard (or any other Call of Duty), weapon XP must be accumulated. Weapon XP is earned by killing enemies. A certain amount of XP is always required for each level in order to advance further. You can find the exact XP-required values in the following section.

Weapon XP | How Much XP Do You Need?

Here's a table showing just how much weapon XP is required to reach each level. Each weapon can be upgraded to a maximum of level 70 and requires a total of 150,000 XP to get there. In our table, we've listed the required XP in increments of 10.

Levelrequired XP per levelXP totaled

As you can see above, you usually require the same amount of XP within 10 levels. So going from level 1 to level 2 requires just as much XP as going from level 5 to level 6. Only in the last few levels, from level 68 to 70, does the required XP increase significantly.

The Fastest Way To Level Vanguard Weapons In Zombies

Shortly after the release of Vanguard, players discovered a very quick way to level up weapons in Zombies mode. However, this method was nerfed by Sledgehammer. Since then, with almost every major update, there's a new method that's slightly faster than the previous one, although weapon leveling in zombies is still significantly slower than in multiplayer.

Zombies Solo

Vanguard Zombies Solo
Be sure to play Zombies mode alone. | © Activision

Since farming weapon XP is all about kills, you need to make sure nobody shoots zombies in front of you. You really want to have every single kill for yourself in order to be able to level your weapon as effectively as possible.

Double XP Tokens

Vanguard Double XP
Use your tokens! | © Activision

Of course, you can also use your Double XP tokens in Zombies mode. However, the time for active tokens also runs out in the menu, so you should use the time after activation as effectively as possible. If a Double XP weekend is running, you should save your tokens because they cannot be stacked.

Reach Round 5 quickly

Once you've started the game with Double XP Token, you'll want to get to Round 5 as soon as possible. The fastest way to do this is to complete as many Blitz Objectives as possible.

Blitz Objectives

Vanguard Zombies Blitz
That would be one of the Blitz Objectives. | © Activision

Blitz Objectives are the fastest to complete and also give the most Weapon XP. In Blitz, all you have to do is survive the timer, and kill a bunch of zombies in the process. Unfortunately, there isn't a Blitz objective in every round, but if one does appear, it's definitely your first choice. The second-fastest objectives would be Harvest or Transmit.

300 Kills in Broadcast

Vanguard Zombies Harvest
Find a Harvest Portal on Round 5. | © Activision

Once you reach round 5, enter a Harvest portal and collect 300 kills. Sometimes no Harvest portal appears in round 5, in which case you have to complete another objective and in round 6, one is guaranteed to be available. When doing the Harvest objective, you usually have to collect Runestones from dead zombies and deliver them to special obelisks. For weapon XP farming, however, we ignore this quest and focus solely on killing as many zombies as possible. Collect about 300 kills, then you can leave the match.

If you're quick, you'll need about 15 minutes for such a run, and you can collect between 10,000-15,000 weapon XP with a Double XP Token, which is certainly a few levels depending on the level of the weapon. The method works so well because the game spawns significantly more zombies from round 5 onward, and they also appear faster.

Which Modes Are Suitable For Weapon Leveling, And Which One Should You Play?

Vanguard modes
Which mode is best for weapon leveling? | © Activision

Vanguard weapons can be leveled in Vanguard Multiplayer, Zombies Mode, and Warzone. While we recommend multiplayer for effective leveling, those who want to play zombies at all costs should stick to the method above. Of course, you can also level up your weapons in Warzone, but since respawns are limited there, it takes much longer than in multiplayer. If you still want to try it, you should try this method.

That's it for our guide. Do you already have all weapons at 70? What's your fastest method of weapon XP farming? If you're still looking for weapons to level up, try the Welgun.