How to Level Warzone Guns in Only 30 Minutes

Yes, you read that right. A player has discovered a way to level weapons in Warzone in only 30 Minutes. That catch? You have to play on Rebirth Island...

Warzone leveling weapons 30 mins
Things are about to get wild... | © Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone has a brand new map: the Caldera Pacific Map. It's big, it's green, it's beautiful, it's fine. Like, just fine. Nothing special. Really, seriously nothing special, but isn't that just Call of Duty in general? Look, the rabid Call of Duty fans will always play these games and that is why we're here to help out. Warzone's meta is shifting, Warzone's identity is changing, and players have now found a way to level their weapons in only 30 minutes. Honestly, guys, why?

You see, Call of Duty: Warzone can be a whole lot of fun, but there are also tons of other games to play. Isn't the point, ultimately, the joy of grinding up those weapons? So why would you want to level up your weapons insanely fast? Where is the logic here? Well, I guess it is the same weird logic that drives people to spend twenty bucks on a skin... anyway, this isn't the point. You want to level your gun in thirty minutes? Well, suit yourself, we do have the solution!

Now, before we begin we just want to make something insanely clear: this is a method that was established by a flippin' genious on Reddit, and it requires you to play on the dull-as-fork Rebirth Island. You haven't really even thought about Rebirth Island for a long time, haven't you? No, you really haven't. If what you want to do, though, is level your weapons quickly, then you're going to have to suffer through it... or play Vanguard... so suffer.

How to Level Guns Fast in Warzone

Levelling guns can be a tedious process, despite the fact that it is the entire point of playing Call of Duty. Thus we find ourselves experiencing the ultimate bizarreness of a Call of Duty fan's entertainment. The point of the game is to level weapons, but CoD players often want to level up their weapons as quickly as possible. Go figure, I suppose, anyway – here's how to level up you guns in 30 minutes!

Apply an XP Boost

Find yourself a double XP Boost if it is possible, or wait for a 2XP weekend or an event like this. If you do this then you literally (as the name suggests) get double the quantity of XP for each task you complete. Thus, when combined with spamming XP, this will level you up from 1 to 70 quick-smart!

Get a Helicopter on Rebirth Island

Your best bet is to pick yourself up a Helicopter so that you can fly around in relative safety. This works best with other team mates who can provide cover fire, but you also don't need the Chopper to be successful here. You can also level up fast by simply getting yourself a quality loadout or – in a pinch – simply picking up a weapon to protect yourself.

Spam Supply Runs

With a friend, you need to spam supply runs. This is easiest in the final few rings and once you have minimized the other team to a smaller number of players. One player needs to stay at the buy station, with the other one running around collecting them. These supply contracts give you an insane XP boost, especially with 2XP. Players have reported that they could gain 30-40 levels in one match using this method.

Level up your VG guns from lvl 1 to 70 in 30minutes!!! faster than vanguard multiplayer 100% from CODWarzone

This method was originally reported by the Reddit user u/JustLawlyOnTwitch on the r/CODWarzone subreddit, in the post you can see above. It has since been verified by quite a few players, who have confirmed that they were able to bump their way up to Level 70 in as short a period of time as 30 minutes. This is all pretty incredible, as you can expect, and if you're looking to level up your weapons as quickly as possible then this is by far the quickest way available right now. Good luck, folks, good luck!