How to Get Unlimited Gulag in Warzone

A new bug is granting players with unlimited Gulag in Warzone. How does it work?

Warzone unlimited gulag
How do you get unlimited Gulag in the new Warzone Map? | © Activision

Reports suggest that the Infinite Gulag bug famous from April Fools Day 2021 is back in the game with the brand new Pacific Caldera Map. It is no surprise – we are talking about Warzone after all – but could prove a serious disbalance for the game. I mean, ultimately these are some pretty big games that lend themselves to some pretty impressively big problems. There's no surprise that Warzone is broken, especially after Raven Software laid off a bunch of their QA testers, but perhaps this is one that we could exploit?

Playing video games is, after all, entertainment. Engaging with an online / virtual world that attempts to simulate some sort of reality is an absolute joy most of the time, but with Call of Duty? Well, let's just say that if you wanted to mindlessly shoot random people, there's no need to play Warzone. Just join the United States' Army. If that's not you're thing, then we have a different suggestion for you: order a pizza and vote on our Game of the Year for 2021!

Anyway, the point of this article is not dishing out dirty burns towards the Yanks, it's to explain the Unlimited Gulag bug in Warzone, and how you can exploit it. I mean, in the end, the US Military is all about exploitation isn't it? Sorry, I walked right into that one and couldn't resist. You could consider active use of the Unlimited Gulag Bug as cheating, sure, but do we really care? Not really.

How does Unlimited Gulag work in Warzone?

If Unlimited Gulag is available in Warzone, then it will allow you to respawn as many times as you want as long as each time you are victorious in the Gulag. This is the key, because if you die in the Gulag then you will find yourself back in the menu again, begging for a friend to revive you. On the flip side, if you are really good in the Gulag then the game will allow you to continue to respawn purely by winning repeatedly in the Gulag. Pretty neat, right?

Whilst for April Fools Day the Mo Gulag Mo Problems event activated Infinite Gulag, it seems that this time it is a pretty major bug that totally shifts the game's balance. Not in a good way, either, for those of us who are good at Warzone itself and perhaps not so swell in the Gulag. This is no surprise, though, as Raven Software have a history of buggering up Warzone's balance. If reports are correct and this has returned as an issue, then we can be assured that they will be on top of it quickly.

In the meantime we can enjoy Warzone as it is. A collection of content that's entirely designed to entice you to buy new cosmetics bundles week in and week out. It might sound pathetic, but it actually works pretty well for them. If people are willing to pay for this stuff then you can hardly blame them for cashing in, can you? Well, at least the game isn't quite as atrocious as Call of Duty: Vanguard's campaign...