The Best Vanguard Welgun Loadout | Fast & Strong

The Welgun is a really strong SMG. With our setup and loadout for Vanguard, you'll absolutely dominate.

Welgun Vanguard Loadout
The Welgun has a really melty felting. | © Activision

The Welgun is the New SMG Meta

The Welgun was our first post-launch SMG for Vanguard. It came into play with the first mid-season update, and from day 1, this thing looked fire. The weapon sits between the Sten and the Owen Gun - in other words, it's very mobile and has a good rate of fire, but it also packs decent damage, which is pretty much perfect for an SMG. And with the right attachments, it has one of the best TTKs in the game at close-range. The Welgun is effectively the new SMG meta and rivals even the MP-40, which was widely considered the best SMG in the game.

We've already put together the best loadout for Warzone, whereas this guide will focus on a Welgun for Vanguard multiplayer.

The Best Welgun Setup

Welgun Attachment Setup
This is the setup you need. | © Activision
MuzzleMercury Silencer / Recoil Booster
Barrel320mm SA Shrouded
OpticSlate Reflector
StockSA 43M Pack
UnderbarrelCarver Foregrip
Magazine7.62 Gorenko 48 Round
Ammo TypeIncendiary
Rear GripPine Tar Grip

With this build, we want the option to challenge people out to mid-range and still land our shots with some recoil control. We've got just enough here to make that possible, and everything else is focused on hip-fire accuracy. Because with the Gung-ho perk, good hip-fire accuracy can guarantee that we're able to outgun almost any other weapon in close-quarters. We just stay mobile, run circles around the enemy, and fire from the hip. Easy.

Equipment, Perks & The Perfect Secondary Weapon For A Welgun Loadout

The Welgun will force you to get right up in people's face, so we want a secondary weapon that can handle extreme close-range and some perks to compliment the playstyle.

The Best Secondary Weapon for the Welgun

Top Break attachment setup
A pair of these puppies will stop any threat in its tracks. | © Activision Blizzard

The akimbo Top-Break is our best option (besides taking overkill) for close-range, and so it's really a no-brainer in a Welgun loadout. This build is doing absolute bits in Warzone right now. If you played MW 2019, the Top Break with M15 Shot Shell is basically the .357 with Snakeshot. In other words, a pocket shotgun.

The Best Equipment for the Welgun

Vanguard Thermite
Even post-nerf, incendiary damage is huge in Vanguard. | © Activision Blizzard

Thermite and Flash grenades are the best choices in a Welgun loadout. With an SMG loadout, you always want to keep moving and get close to your opponents. With Thermite, you've got great area denial and the ability to cause damage over a longer period of time. While the Flash grenades are great for intense CQC. Throw them in a room or around a corner before you venture out of your cover, and you can easily take out anyone on the other side.

The Best Perks for the Welgun

Vanguard Perks
With these perks, you won't go wrong. | © Activision Blizzard

In perk 1, Ghost will allow easier flanking, but Dauntless is great if the constant fire effects have become insufferable to you. Your call. But perk 2 and 3 are simpler; we'll take Forward Intel to spawn trap and Double Time to get even more effectiveness out of Gung-ho.

The Best Field Upgrade for the Welgun

Vanguard Panzerplatten
The easy answer. | © Activision Blizzard

Short answer: Armor Plates. Armor plates just let us take a few more hits on the torso before we're cooked. Plates are a great fire and forget option for those that love to run and gun, and don't want to be distracted by having to control something.

How To Unlock The Welgun In Vanguard?

To unlock the Welgun, you need to make 10 different aim-down-sight SMG kills in 15 completed matches. The fastest way to do this is in hardcore free-for-all, or Shiphaus. It takes about 2 hours to complete.

What Is The Best Alternative For The Welgun?

Typ 100
The Type 100 is a good alternative for the Welgun. | © Activision

The Type 100 also has Gung-ho and that single attachment is going to define how you play, so this is a great alternative to the Welgun. You can get used to enjoying literally instant sprint-out times, and the gameplay of constant movement. Here's our Type 100 loadout guides for Vanguard and Warzone.

That was our best Welgun loadout in Vanguard. What do you think of this mother? Maybe you want something with a little more range?

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