How to Complete the Forsaken Easter Egg in BOCW Season 6

The new Forsaken Easter Egg brings BOCW's chapter of the Dark Aether Story to a close. Here's how to complete the BOCW Zombies Season 6 Forsaken Easter Egg.
Bocw zombies forsaken easter egg
Let's take a look at the Forsaken Easter Egg in BOCW Zombies Season 6. | © Activision

The Forsaken is Black Ops Cold War's final Zombies turn-based map, and the game's final chapter in the Dark Aether saga. As the Call of Duty franchise moves towards the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard on November 5, it's important to note that BOCW's best component was its Zombies Mode. Thus, The Forsaken Easter Egg takes the game out in style, with a big and bombastic finale.

To make full sense of BOCW Zombies' final chapter, you need to have updated yourself on the Dark Aether story so-far. It has been a wild, if somewhat convoluted, ride. There are some amazing secrets to discover in The Forsaken, with the pinnacle being its Easter Egg. Here's how to complete The Forsaken Easter Egg in BOCW Season 6.

Before you take a look at how to complete The Forsaken Easter Egg in BOCW Zombies Season 6, you should catch yourself up on everything Zombies and everything Dark Aether...

How to Complete The Forsaken Easter Egg in BOCW Season 6

  • Turn on the power and end the lockdown.
  • Press the big red button in the Observation Tower. This will bring Zykov back and chaos will ensue.
  • You now need to destroy the Aetherium Crystals at the following locations:
    • Spawn
    • Amplifier
    • Rooftop
  • Collect the crystal that then drops onto the ground.
  • Make your way over to Fuel Processing.
  • Interact with the Fuel Tanks. This initiates a lockdown.
  • Complete the lockdown to collect the Fuel Tank.
  • Now you need to feed a Crystal to an Abomination.
  • Defeat the now-enraged Abomination and collect the Catalyzed Crystal.
  • Make sure to do the above step at least once at each location.
  • Activate and use an Abomination.
  • Make your way to the Board Room and make the Abomination charge into the wall with the hanging Lunar Module.
  • This will reveal something called the "Housing Unit".

  • Head to the Arcade and use Deadwire on a Zombie when standing next to the Grand Prix Arcade Machine.
  • Use the now powered-on machine to deploy an ARC-XD.
  • Now drive the ARC-XD into the TV Store and destroy a vent behind the counter.
  • Head inside the hole you just created and collect the Monitoring Device.
  • Head on over to Main Street and build the Neutralizer with the parts you have now collected.
  • Once activated, you need to watch the cutscene and then fight The Forsaken.
  • While fighting, you need to make sure to stay within the Neutralizer bubble
  • Only leave the bubble to break the orange crystals that are required to power the Neutralizer.
  • Follow the bubble to the end of the road, where you will have your final face off against The Forsaken. Enjoy, and try not to die.

There you have it, ladies and gentlehumans, the end of the road is literally the end of Black Ops Cold War's road. We'll be honest with you: whilst the game's Zombies mode has been a blast, we won't be missing BOCW. It kind-of sucked. Let's hope that the Forsaken Easter Egg isn't the last good piece of Dark Aether Zombies content, and that Call of Duty: Vanguard's Zombies mode is just as solid. In the meantime, don't forget to eat a pizza.

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