Everything Coming in Warzone & BOCW Season 6 Roadmap: New Weapons, Operators & More

What's coming in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 6? Well, the Season 6 Roadmap is here, and we're going to break it down for you.
bocw warzone season 6
Let's take a look at the BOCW & Warzone Season 6 Roadmap. What does Activision have in store for us? | © Activision

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 6 is almost here, and now that the roadmap is out, we can take you through everything you can expect. There's a lot to discuss, because if anything, the BOCW and Warzone Season 6 Roadmap reveals that a lot is going to be coming next week. With any luck, this will be the send-off that the Black Ops Cold War era deserves...

Now, we're going to break this down for you, so that it's a little easier to comprehend. The thing about Season 6 is that the announcement is insanely long, and for good reason: Treyarch, Raven, and Activision have been very hard at work, it seems! This is all a little bit overwhelming, so here's how we're going to handle the Warzone and BOCW Season 6 Roadmap: everything that's coming (in each game), then a breakdown of the most important pieces of information.

We're about to present you with the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Roadmap, but keep in mind that this information has been filtered down from the Call of Duty blog. It is a more condensed and easy to digest version of that content, but if you want all the down-and-dirty-details, check them out over there.

The Warzone & BOCW Season 6 Roadmap

bocw warzone season 6 roadmap infographic
Check out the infographic for the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 6 Roadmap! | © Activision

Now, we can see from the roadmap that there's a lot to look forward to. New Multiplayer maps in Black Ops Cold War, as well as a brand-new round-based Zombies map, new perks, weapons, and this year's Call of Duty Halloween Event – The Haunting. In Warzone, we see some pretty major map updates, as well as the same new operators, weapons and bundles, that are included in Black Ops Cold War.

All New Weapons in the BOCW & Warzone Season 6 Roadmap

  • .410 Ironhide (Shotgun, comes at launch)
  • Grav (Assault Rifle, comes at launch)
  • LAPA (SMG, comes in-season)
  • Hammer and Sickle (Melee, comes in-season)
  • Battle Axe (Melee)

We're not going to go into a huge amount of detail about the weapons here. Once we get our hands on them, we'll be doing some setup-guides and giving you some thoughts on how they handle, their balance, etc. For now, though, here are our thoughts on the Season 6 Weapons: All New Weapons in Warzone & BOCW Season 6: Lapa SM03, Grav & More.

All New Operators in the BOCW & Warzone Season 6 Roadmap

  • Alex Mason: Coming at launch, Season 6 sees the return of Black Ops 1's protagonist. It's a pretty exciting addition, and will be a real help in the fight between Adler and Stitch. Mason will be available from Tier 0.
  • Benito "Fuze" Ortega: Coming in-season, Fuze is a soldier hired by Perseus for bomb-disposal. He was featured in the Season 6 intro cinematic, and seems pretty cool. We are looking forward to checking him out via a Store Bundle that will release later in Season 6.
  • Arthur Kingsley: You can get access to the Arthur Kingsley operator from Call of Duty: Vanguard by pre-ordering the game.

All New Bundles in the BOCW & Warzone Season 6 Roadmap

  • Tracer Pack: Zombie Zapper Mastercraft
  • Tracer Pack: Sultan's Wrath Reactive Mastercraft
  • The Berserker
  • Tracer Pack: Gilded Agent

What's Coming in the Warzone Season 6 Roadmap?

Warzone is getting three major map updates, a new version of the original gulag, and the same weapons, operators, and bundles that are coming to BOCW. The new Gulag is taking us back to the future with its reimagining of Warzone's original, beloved, design. In addition, Downtown is being destroyed in Warzone Season 6 by seismic activity that has also somewhat leveled the stadium. Adding a bit of intrigue, World War 2 bunkers have appeared, dating back to "long before the Original Verdansk Bunkers".

Adding to the excitement, Regiments are being frozen in the Warzone Season 6 Update, "in preparation to transition it towards a new and more rewarding Clan system based around playing with your friends and fellow community members". As Call of Duty and Warzone in general shifts from its focus on Black Ops Cold War, to the brand new Call of Duty: Vanguard (due out on November 5), the game is being prepared for its new World War 2 theme.

Evident in the Warzone Season 6 Roadmap is that the final Season in Verdansk '84 will be a pretty great one. New content will come throughout the Season, as has been confirmed on the Call of Duty blog. Intel will also continue to roll in about new Warzone events, the new anti-cheat system, and more Vanguard-related content. Thus, we'd recommend staying tuned.

What's Coming in the BOCW Season 6 Roadmap?

  • "Forsaken", the final chapter and turn-based map to come to BOCW Zombies.
  • Additional Zombies Updates
  • New Multiplayer Maps
  • New Support Weapons

New Forsaken Map in BOCW Zombies Season 6

Forsaken continues, and ends, the BOCW Dark Aether saga, and introduces the game's final round-based BOCW Zombies map. It looks bloody cool, as the team fights through a secret test site in the USSR, playing out "Operation First Domino" in style. As described by Activision:

In “Forsaken,” the final round-based map in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, the team is ready to finish the fight at the heart of Omega Group: a secret test site in the U.S.S.R. that threatens to invite an even greater supernatural threat into the world. Behind the scenes, Requiem’s secretive Director makes the call to approve Maxis for “Operation First Domino” as Requiem and Omega prepare for the final showdown.

Honestly, the setup for this Season's Zombies map looks pretty slick. It will be the final entry in Black Ops Cold War's Zombies mode, and will close this chapter of the Dark Aether story. Thus, Forsaken will set everything up for Call of Duty: Vanguard, which is due out on November 5. Could we be any more excited?

Additional Zombies Updates in BOCW Season 6

  • PhD Slider Perk: The final perk to join BOCW Zombies will have a pretty impressive effect...
    • "Sliding into enemies triggers an explosion. The size and damage increases the farther you slide before impact."
  • Chrysalax Wonder Weapon: A tool for, quote, "splitting Zombies like wood". The Chrysalax will have its own quest, and looks pretty fantastic!
  • ARC-XD Support Weapon: This is a remote-controlled explosive device and also acts as a decoy. In other words, you can use this to lure zombies, and then detonate it for maximum damage.
  • Hand Cannon Supper Weapon: It was a hidden weapon in the campaign, and was introduced to multiplayer in Season 4. In other words, you know this one pretty well. Get ready for having a whole lotta fun!
  • Deprogram is Added to Onslaught (PlayStation Exclusive): The newly-introduced Multiplayer map, Deprogram (see below) will be added to the Onslaught rotation in Season 6. In addition, Onslaught will now spawn an Elite enemy after every surge. Once you have survived 20 waves in Onslaught, you will get a Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint called "Rock Salt". For full-details, of course, check out the Call of Duty blog.

All New Multiplayer Maps in BOCW Season 6

  • Deprogram (6v6, Launch): This map looks interesting, as every part of it is a fragment of Adler's memories "stitched together to form one of the most unique map experiences ever seen in Call of Duty". It will feature Red Doors, used to quickly traverse the map, and will see you fight through Adler's broken mind. Cool, right?
  • Amerika (6v6, Launch): This is a Soviet recreation of an American Main Street, similar to that found in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign. It'll probably be pretty cool, as replica towns usually are in video games.
  • Gluboko (2v2 and 3v3, Launch): In this map, you fight your way through an underground vault beneath the KGB headquarters. It will be available for Gunfight and Face Off variants, even including Face Off 6v6 in future Playlists.

What are the BOCW Season 6 Prestige Levels?

  • Level 50: New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, Weapon Blueprint, and Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Level 100: New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, and Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Level 150: New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, and Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Level 190: All Season Challenges Available
  • Level 200: New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, Battle Pass Tier Skip, Master Prestige Calling Card
  • Levels 250–1,000: New Prestige Key every 50 levels

What is "The Haunting", this Year's Halloween Seasonal Event?

The Haunting is an upcoming Halloween celebration that will take place in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War starting October 19. The Haunting will be another Halloween extravaganza worthy of discussion. We're oddly excited about this one, so stay tuned for more.

And there you have it, folks, the complete Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 6 Roadmap! It's going to be a wild ride, with a ton coming to every facet of Call of Duty. As we have already said, if you want even deeper details on the roadmap, check out the Call of Duty blog. Other than that, don't forget to stay tuned to EarlyGame. Love y'all!

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