When & How Will Verdansk Be Destroyed In Warzone

A recent Call of Duty blog post revealed the first details about Vanguard's first season, which includes information on the event that will finally put an end to Verdansk.
This Is How Verdansk Ends
"Bombs Away" apparently... | © Activision Blizzard

Do you remember the early days? It was all so fresh and exciting, it felt like an adventure; discovering new locations around every corner, and getting lost along the way. But after almost two years, every nook and cranny of Verdansk has been explored, and even the map updates are no longer enough to keep the experience fresh. No, we need the new Pacific map quite badly.

The old warhorse that is Verdansk has certainly served us well - but it's time to say goodbye. What's that goodbye going to look like, though? A nuke? Maybe a flood? Let's take a look at how Call of Duty is describing the event in their roadmap for Vanguard Season 1.

When Will Verdansk Be Destroyed?

Verdansk will be - in some way - destroyed and removed from the Warzone map pool on November 30. Players who own Vanguard can begin playing the new map immediately afterward on December 1, but everyone else will need to wait 24 hours to begin playing on December 2. So you've got basically the month of November left to enjoy Verdansk and all of its charms.

How Will Verdansk Be Destroyed?

Verdansk will be destroyed in stages, by limited-time modes and events planned throughout the month of November. Here are the dates and event descriptions that a recent Call of Duty blog post outlines:

  1. November 18: Operation: Flashback Begins in Warzone – An encore limited-time mode for Verdansk, celebrating its past 18 months of hosting over 100 million players strong in Warzone.
  2. November 24: Uncover the “Secrets of the Pacific” – Get intel on Caldera and its new points of interest through this event’s Warzone and Vanguard Multiplayer challenges.
  3. November 30 and December 1: Last Hours of Verdansk. – Bombs away – see what happens to Verdansk before Warzone goes dark to prepare for Caldera and Season One.

Flashback - Game Mode

This is likely to be a game mode that takes us back to what Warzone looked like day one - perhaps MW loadouts only, the return of the pre-84 map, and (if you recall) a lot more buy-stations and recons.

Secrets of the Pacific - Easter Eggs

These pieces of intel will be complicated and difficult to acquire. For most of you, this isn't worth engaging with, allow us to do the grinding and deciphering, and we'll let you know what intel the easter eggs give us about the new map.

Last Hours Of Verdansk - Event

This will probably require you to sign in at 10:00 PT (13:00 ET, 18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET) on November 30 and engage in a mode that's only available for a matter of hours. That's the usual Warzone format for this kind of event. And given their description of "bombs away" we're confident that WW2 bomber planes are what eventually destroy Verdansk.

Enjoy the OG while you can.