Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Gameplay Confirms New Mechanics

Modern Warfare 2 campaign footage was leaked online, and revealed some new mechanics. Watch the clips below.

Modern Warfare 2
Leaks... leaks everywhere. | © Activision

If you're gonna make people wait until you make game reveals that are already processed, finished and ready... you're gonna be in for a rude awakening, because leakers are everywhere. Now, Modern Warfare 2 was hit with the leak hammer, courtesy of a zealous Twitter user that took matters into his own hands and blessed us with some campaign leaks. The latest leak alsoshows some new mechanics that will probably also be part of Warzone 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Footage Leaked

Of course, all the tweets got taken down, but luckily, Streamable is much harder to hit with a copyright strike and all the footage has been compiled there for all to see.

Not gonna lie, the 144p footage looks... like 144p. Honestly though, what we're seeing makes us want more. Not only do we get a nice preview of a campaign mission, but the footage also reveals some completely new gameplay mechanics, we've never seen before in Call of Duty.

MW2 New Gameplay Mechanics

The leaked footage shows a lot of new vehicle mechanics. In Modern Warfare 2 it will be possible to drive several vehicles yourself – not just being placed on a turret or similar – and lean out of windows to shoot. You can even shoot out the tires of other vehicles to cause them to lose control. But what really got our attention was the jumping from one car to another and hijacking it while it is still in motion. Reminds us a lot of the mechanic in Halo, where you can also kick enemies out of their vehicles to hijack them.

Most probably all those mechanics will also be part of Warzone 2 when it releases on November 16.

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