Modern Warfare 2: These Two Secret Hints Are In The Teaser

The Call of Duty 2022 reveal seems to only reveal the logo at first. But fans already discover secret messages in the first teaser.
Task Force 141
Task Force 141 is apparently returning. In the original MW2 from 2009, the special unit met a hard fate. | © Activision

The CoD developers from Infinity Ward have unveiled the logo for this year's installment and with it, the final title: Modern Warfare 2 will be the name of the shooter, which is represented in the logo with a cool "MIIW".

As with any trailer or teaser, fans were immediately on the lookout to thoroughly examine every detail. And of course, they found what they were looking for. Let's see what they discovered!

Hint 1: Task Force 141

If you stop the animation at a certain point, you can see the icon of Task Force 141 for a split second. This confirms that the special unit will return and will probably play a bigger role in the plot of Modern Warfare 2.

What is the Task Force 141?

The multinational special forces unit has played a leading role in the MW series since the first part in 2009. The founding members include John "Soap" MacTavish, the protagonist from Call of Duty 4, and Captain Price, one of the most famous characters in CoD history.

Hint 2: Singapore

In addition, the coordinates 1.3521° North, 103.8198° East were discovered. As CoD's Tom Henderson found out on Twitter, they point to the location of the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore – an iconic building of the Southeast Asian island nation.

Modern Warefare 2 Logo Triggers Hype

Modern Warfare 2 Announced Logo
Hype is real! | © Activision

The reveal of the Modern Warfare 2 logo caused a massive stir on social media: a few minutes after the post, the hashtag #ModernWarfare2 was among the top trends on Twitter.

It's absolutely crazy how fast the post went viral: While the gameplay reveal of the predecessor CoD Vanguard has only received 34,000 likes so far, the animated logo for MW2 (without gameplay, mind you) has already received 134,000 likes after less than 24 hours.

Modern Warfare 2019 is the most successful major installment of the entire CoD brand to date, with record sales of over $1 billion in the first two months.

Much more is known about Modern Warfare 2 than just the logo: Thanks to leaks and insider information, we can already imagine what the new CoD might look like! Here you can find the complete overview: