Sexism in CoD: Twitch Streamer Makes Sandwiches For Chauvinistic Players Before Destroying Them

Steffy Evans, a popular streamer of the video game Call of Duty, has pledged to create sandwiches as a way to increase awareness about the issues within the gaming community.

Cod Streamer Steffy Evans
CoD streamer Steffy Evans hit back against sexism and toxicity in-game. | © Steffy Evans via Twitch/Metro

Female gamers are subjected to particularly hostile treatment, with online harassment being almost unavoidable if they choose to leave their microphones open. Call of Duty is a game with a particularly difficult community.

Due to the fear of facing bans or other forms of punishment, many players resort to using subtle phrases that carry sexist undertones, such as "women belong in the kitchen" or "go make a sandwich".

Steffy Evans herself has experienced this mistreatment repeatedly, until she eventually acted on her teammates' suggestion and made some sandwiches for a worthy cause. Whenever she hears one of those sexist phrases during her gameplay, she gets up and heads to her kitchen to make a snack, regardless of whether she is in the middle of a shootout or not.

Steffy Evans Makes Sandwiches

Listening to the requests of men on Call of Duty as a woman can often result in negative outcomes, such as facing sexist comments, harassment, and mistreatment. Steffy Evans' experience serves as an example of this mistreatment, and her decision to make sandwiches as a response can be seen as a way to raise awareness about the issue of misogyny and sexism in gaming, rather than giving in to the toxic behavior.

Steffy Evans has estimated that she receives the request to "make a sandwich" in approximately 70% of the matches she plays in Call of Duty. This usually happens after the game has concluded, indicating that even her exceptional skills in the game cannot protect her from harassment.

Steffy produces so many sandwiches during her live streams that she has started donating the extra sandwiches to help the homeless in her community. In a tweet, she disclosed the technique she employs for maximum efficiency in sandwich-making and bragged about completing one sandwich in slightly over a minute.

Although Steffy has been a streamer for some time, her recent efforts to call out sexist behavior in Call of Duty are relatively new. She recently succeeded in getting an account banned after the player threatened her with sexual assault. Steffy's actions in speaking out against harassment were met with an outpouring of support from thousands of people, with many other female gamers sharing their own experiences of mistreatment in the gaming community.

With more people raising awareness about the issue of online abuse, it is hoped that the tide will turn against trolls and that they will be discouraged from harassing fellow players in the future.

Steffy Evans shows in this video how men respond when she displays the same toxic behavior towards them that they exhibit towards her. This serves as a compelling illustration that such behavior is unacceptable regardless of gender.

If you stacked all the toxic comments the same way you stack the sandwich ingredients you would probably break a record...

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