Warzone 2 Sea Treasure Tokens Explained

A new type of loot has been dropping on Ashika Island. These large cold coins are called "Sea Treasure Tokens". Here's what you can do with Sea Treasure Tokens when you find them.

Treasure Sea Tokens
What can we actually do with all these Sea Treasure Tokens in Warzone 2? | © Activision / EarlyGame

The second season of Warzone 2 has just begun, and players are excitedly trying out the new Ashika Island map. So far the reception to this new map seems fairly positive, and fans also seem happy with a lot of the quality of life changes that were implemented in Season 2 (although the meta has barely changed, and the best weapons in Warzone 2 are still OP).

But one thing no one was expecting was a new type of loot called "Sea Treasure Tokens". If you've played Ashika Island much then you'll probably already have picked up a few of these strange coins. Here's a guide to finding Sea Treasure Tokens and spending them.

Finding Sea Treasure Tokens

You can find Sea Treasure Tokens in every type of crate on Ashika Island, but they're most likely to drop from the Resurgence crates (the blue ones with green lights that restock automatically). You can also loot Sea Treasure Tokens from dead players. At the present time, there are no Sea Treasure Tokens in Al Mazrah.

Now we have our coins we can spend them to get some loot.

What a shame we can't use the Tokens to buy CoD devs more time:

Using Sea Treasure Tokens

To use Sea Treasure Tokens you need to go to one of the four Petrol Stations on the island and interact with the vending machines inside. These vending machines look similar to the Perk-a-Cola machines from Zombies. Simply interact with the machine and your Sea Treasure Token will be consumed, then loot will pop out.

Here are the Petrol Stations on Ashika Island:

Ashika Island Petrol Stations
You can find four Petrol Stations at these locations on Ashika Island. | © Activision

You can find every possible reward from the Sea Treasure vending machines, including killstreaks, weapons and gas masks.

And there you have it, a short overview on finding and using Sea Treasure Tokens in Warzone 2.

Are you hoping into Ashika Island this season? Or are you more focused on Ranked Play in MW2?