The Snoop Dogg x Call of Duty Partnership Reaches New Heights: Meet Snoop Santa!

Here's a merry bit of Christmas news: Snoop is doing another collaboration with Call of Duty. Meet Snoop Santa...

Snoop Santa
Snoop Santa looks dope. | © Activision

It all started back in 2009 with Modern Warfare 2 and the release of three cannabis-themed Calling Cards: Joint Ops, Blunt Force, and High Command. And since then CoD has always had this sort of wink-wink relationship with weed. We always get one or two skins each game that heavily reference smoking weed, and usually a couple of weapon camos made out of the iconic cannabis leaf. But the ongoing partnership between Snoop and CoD is, of course, where we always see the best weed cosmetics.

Snoop's first appearance in CoD was in Ghosts, where you could buy a voice line bundle that would replace the default operator phrases with some spoken by Snoop Dogg. And just last year we saw Snoop back at it. He was featured in a Warzone bundle as a new operator, dressed in a cool looking jacket and smoking a blunt. But this Christmas they're going even further: allow us to introduce Snoop Santa.

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Snoop Santa Coming To CoD: Mobile This Christmas

Snoop has done another collaboration with Call of Duty, he will appear in the next season of CoD: Mobile as Snoop Santa this Christmas. For now, he's only featuring in CoD: Mobile, but we don't expect that to remain the case.

And there you have it, Snoop Santa. Sadly only in CoD: Mobile for now, but we expect to see him in Warzone Mobile, and eventually in Modern Warfare 2.

Imagine Snoop in the DMZ...

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