Call of Duty: The Board Game Announced

Yes, you read that right, Call of Duty: The Board Game was just announced. Let's find out how CoD will work as a board game and when it will be released.

Co D Board Game
Call of Duty will get a board game. | © Activision/Arcane Wonders

Call of Duty publisher Activision in partnership with Arcane Wonders just announced a Call of Duty board game. Yes, that's right, we will soon be able to play CoD offline with our friends... There is not much info out yet, but let's take a look at what we know about Call of Duty: The Board Game so far.

Call of Duty: The Board Game Release Date

As of right now, the CoD board game doesn't have a release date, but is supposed to be released worldwide by holiday 2024. However, you can already sign up on the official website to get notified as soon as the Kickstarter launches in Fall 2023.

How Will The CoD Board Game Work?

We don't have any rulesets yet, but do know some key facts. CoD: The Board Game is supposed to recreate the feeling of playing the CoD video game with movement, combat and even line-of-sight mechanics. However, it is not a rather slow tabletop. It will come with miniatures of operators and is set in the Modern Warfare 2019 era, including iconic maps and weapons. In the beginning, it will be a two-player game, but players will be able to combine different sets for four-player matches.

How exactly the gameplay will work is still unclear, but the devs want to "capture the immersion of a first-person shooter" with players planning their moves in secret and then resolving them at the same time.

Like every other Call of Duty title, CoD: The Board Game will not be a single entry to the series, but will start as an initial core set. In the future there will be additional products and features like new operators, weapons, maps and game modes. The devs at Arcane Wonders also want to create cooperative campaigns that can be played by 1-4 players in the coming years. Apparently, there is also a Zombies' expansion planned down the road...

What do you think about Call of Duty: The Board Game? We are not quite sure yet, how exactly it will be played and if it really feels like an intense match of CoD, but we are definitely curious. If you want to try another Board game based on a video game, you can already play Bloodborne: The Board Game.

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