Leaked Vanguard Season One Artwork Reveals Pacific Maps & Operators

Vanguard's first Season is well on its way to our gaming screens, but what will be included? Whilst we don't know for sure, a few leaked images have been pretty revealing...
Vanguard season one leak
What does this leaked image reveal about Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One? | © Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One is around the corner, and whilst not everyone is hyped for yet another cash grab from scandal-ridden Activision, some are curious about what we can expect. Now, new files that were added to the PlayStation Database have leaked not only the download size of the Season One Update, but some images that suggest at a bit of the content we can expect.

Now, yes, we know that Season One will also see the introduction of Warzone's new Pacific Caldera Map, but we can also expect quite a bit in Vanguard itself. We expect at least one new Multiplayer Map, the addition of actual Zombies Content (and the continuation of the Dark Aether Storyline), some new guns, and one or two new operators. It probably won't be a huge amount of content, with the focus on Zombies, but this screenshot does suggest that at least part of what has been listed is true.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One Update Download Size

According to the leak, provided by PlayStation Game Size 2 on Twitter, Vanguard's Season One Update will be 40.773 GB when it drops on December 8/9. Whilst people, including the leakers themselves, are widely claiming on the net that this download side is "Medium", let me remind them that the base-game is actually around the same size. These files get inflated for the purpose of integrating a ton of profitable cosmetic items, and due to a lack of any reasonable file compression or optimization.

What Does the Vanguard Season One Leak Reveal?

Other than the file size, the Vanguard Season One graphics reveal that we can expect three new operators throughout Season One, a number of new guns, and perhaps a new Pacific multiplayer map. Now, I do want to add a little caveat here: these graphics could be representative of the new Pacific Map in Warzone, Caldera. After all, we know that there will be a beach area due to the full map leak earlier this week, and that there will be Dogfighting when the new map launches (there are airplanes in the graphic).

On the flip side, though, we can certainly expect that the three operators shown in the graphic will come in Season One, probably split between Season One and Season One: Reloaded. We expect the same from the new weapons. We do not recognise the Operators, nor all of the weapons, and thus expect that this gives us a hint as to what we can expect. That being said, content like guns and operators usually come to both the Call of Duty base game and to Warzone.

Counteracting what we previously said about the background possibly being the new Caldera Map in Warzone is that the game branding is Vanguard, and not Vanguard/Warzone. Back in the not-so good ol' Black Ops Cold War days, official promotional material that hints at joint content included both respective logos. Interesting, right?

Now, we don't expect much from the airplanes, considering how absolutely appalling the flying section was in the Vanguard Campaign, and the fact that Call of Duty: Vanguard's Multiplayer was as cookie-cutter as they come. It's a bit of a shame, as it could be an interesting twist for multiplayer to take in Season One. Ultimately, the biggest shame of Vanguard has been revealed in this leak: it's about as basic and stock-standard as they come. We could be wrong, and we certainly hope that we are.