Warzone 2 Cheater Accidentally Exposes Himself Live!

Warzone 2 still has a big problem with cheaters, but as one of them just proved, Call of Duty's anti-cheat Ricochet seems to be working. This cheater just exposed himself live on stream.

We all hate cheaters, no matter the game, but especially Call of Duty had and still has a massive problem with cheaters. Thankfully, the devs are working hard to combat them. With the introduction of CoD's own anti-cheat Ricochet they made a huge step in the right direction. Ricochet already banned thousands of accounts and continues to do so.

Obviously, cheat developers will always find new ways to circumvent anti-cheat software, so Ricochet has to learn and adapt. This means that with the start of Season 3, we didn't only get a lot of great new content, but also an update for the anti-cheat and it seems that not all players understand how Ricochet works.

Warzone 2 Cheater Exposes Himself On Stream

Recently, a clip from CoD streamer NitroLukeDX was posted on Twitter. In that clip, you can see the streamer playing Warzone 2 and complaining about how broken that game is, since all enemies he shoots suddenly turn invisible.

Well, we all know that Warzone has quite a bunch of glitches and even an invisibility glitch is nothing new to anyone who played Warzone 1. However, if you haven't read the recent Ricochet Blog entry, you should know that CoD's anti-cheat has some interesting features that can explain that "invisibility glitch".

Besides banning the accounts of cheaters, Ricochet also uses some in-game mitigations to make the gameplay experience for cheaters as bad as possible. One of those mitigations is that the anti cheat will hide legitimate players from cheaters by turning them invisible. Here is the official video showing off how it works:

So while NitroLukeDX is complaining about a glitch in Warzone 2, he just exposed himself as a cheater live on stream and got his account banned.

Let's hope Ricochet can detect and ban a ton more cheaters in the future and make Warzone 2 a more level playing field again.

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