Warzone 3: Will It Happen?

It's been several months since Warzone 2 was released and you may already be wondering if Warzone 3 is in Activision's plans and we'll try to shed some light on the subject.

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Warzone 3 could be released in a few years. | © Activision

Perhaps when Call of Duty: Warzone arrived in 2020, most gamers didn't necessarily expect to see a second version of the battle royale that became extremely popular a few years later. Yet, it is. So why stop there?

Will There Be A Warzone 3 In Activision's Future Plans?

Warzone 2, the popular Call of Duty battle royale game developed by Activision, has just started into Season 3, which has added more content to the game. Despite this, many Call of Duty enthusiasts are curious about whether Warzone 3 will be developed in the future.

Possible New Maps And Content For Warzone 2

Warzone 2's Season 2 has recently introduced new content to the game, such as the Resurgence map Ashika Island, as well as a new Battle Pass and cosmetic items. According to recent leaks, the game may also add classic and iconic Call of Duty maps in the future.

Is Warzone 3 In The Works?

As of this writing, Activision has not announced plans for Warzone 3. Instead, it is expected that Warzone 2 will be integrated with several Call of Duty main series titles in the future, similar to the original Warzone, which was integrated with CoD: Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War.

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Players' Views On Warzone 3

While some players are excited about the potential for a Warzone 3, others are hoping that Warzone 2 will remain as the Forever Game and receive constant updates and improvements from Activision. One user on Reddit even stated, "Hopefully WZ2 becomes the Forever Game that WZ should’ve been."

Future Of Warzone 2

It is unclear how long Warzone 2's lifespan will be, but it seems that Activision is committed to supporting it with new content for a while. Therefore, players can expect to see more updates and improvements to Warzone 2 in the coming months.

In conclusion, while the possibility of a Warzone 3 is uncertain, players can look forward to more exciting updates and improvements for Warzone 2 in the near future. Activision has yet to reveal their plans for the future, but players can expect a continuation of the popular battle royale game.

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