Top 5 Launchers In Warzone Pacific

Launchers serve a unique role in Warzone, and when used wisely, they can net you so many kills. Here are the 5 best launchers available in Warzone.
T Op 5 Launchers
Don't think we forgot this little demon. | © Activision Blizzard

Launchers aren't just fun to use, they're also the most effective tool against vehicles and campers. Sure, they're slow, and you only get 7 rockets, but you can do so much with those 7 rockets. But which launcher should you use? Well, keep reading for a complete guide to the 5 best launchers currently available in Warzone.

1. PILA (MW)

The PILA is the best launcher in Warzone, because unlike every other option, it's just as capable against vehicles as it is against infantry. The PILA will lock on to moving vehicles, but if you aim it anywhere else, it free-fires. It has middle-of-the-pack damage, and velocity, but the versatility of this weapon makes it far less situational than any of the other options.

Top 5 Launchers Warzone PILA
This thing can do it all. | © Activision Blizzard

2. Strela-P (MW)

The Stela-P is a sniper in disguise. Seriously, the velocity on this thing will shock you if you haven't used it already, it feels like using a rifle with explosive rounds. And so it doesn't really matter that it has low damage because you can go for direct hits against other players with the Strela-P. Obviously, for vehicles, it's less capable than the lock-on weapons, but it's not bad in this department.

Top 5 Launchers Warzone Strela P
A sniper in disguise. | © Activision Blizzard

3. JOKR (MW)

The JOKR is a ludicrous weapon. You can only use it against infantry in very specific ways because the rocket fires straight upwards and then plummets down on to a point you've locked on to, but against vehicles, and especially flying vehicles, it's hands down the best weapon in the game. Another great use of the JOKR is finishing downed enemies, in the same way you would use a killstreak.

Top 5 Launchers Warzone JOKR
The Precision Airstrike launcher. | © Activision Blizzard

4. MK11 Launcher (VG)

Surprised to see a non-Modern Warfare launcher in the top 5? Don't be, the MK11 is a fantastic little launcher that most players are sleeping on. It can flush enemies out of bunkers and buildings very effectively. Admittedly, it's no-good against vehicles, but it definitely serves an anti-camper purpose.

Top 5 Launchers Warzone MK11
Better than you think. | © Activision Blizzard

5. RPG-7 (MW)

The RPG-7 is still a really solid choice. It's not the king that it once was because the blast radius and damage were nerfed, but it's still a great anti-infantry option for getting people out of cover, or aiming at their feet if they get too close. Unfortunately, it's very inaccurate though, so while you can hit moving vehicles, it's tough.

Top 5 Launchers Warzone RPG
The OG. | © Activision Blizzard

What Launcher Does Most Damage In Warzone?

The JOKR does the most damage by far, however, it's also the slowest weapon to use in Warzone, and you can only lock on to vehicles or locations, there's no free-fire option. So it undoubtedly comes with its downsides, but it has the highest potential for 200IQ plays. I'm really hoping we get something this fun again in Modern Warfare 2.

Are Launchers Worth Using In Warzone?

Yes, launchers are worth using in Battle Royale, but you don't need more than one per squad, and you shouldn't bring a launcher in Vanguard Royale. In Vanguard Royale you only have access to the Vanguard launchers and in most cases you'll get more use out of the Vanguard pistols, unless you're specifically targeting the new armored trucks. But in the classic Battle Royale mode, launchers are great. You only need to bring one per squad because they're so situational, but when you do need to rely on one, then they're absolutely clutch.