Entire Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Revealed in Leak

A loophole in the new Shipment Map in Call of Duty: Vanguard has inadvertently leaked most of Warzone's new Caldera Pacific Map.
Warzone dogfighting
Warzone's new Caldera Map looks absolutely vast. | © Activision

Yes, we know that Warzone Caldera is almost out. Yes, we know that we should just wait for it to drop. The thing is... why do that when we can already check it out? "Oh, but mate, it's not out yet, how can you check it out?" Bro, you can get a sneak peak very easily. So! How? Well, this latest leak isn't really a "leak" per-se, and it's pretty easy to check out!

Warzone's new Caldera Pacific Map is now viewable in the spectator cam for Vanguard's new version of Shipment. Zoom right out, take a look around and bam! There it is, part of Warzone's new Caldera Map. How cool is that? Who discovered this craziness? Well, we're not done yet, so keep bloody reading if you want to find all of this bollocks out...

New Warzone Caldera Map Revealed by Shipment Spectator Cam

An non-rendered approximation of Warzone's new Caldera Map is available to check out with the Spectator Cam in Call of Duty: Vanguard's new Shipment map. It's pretty wild, and very interesting to have a look at. It doesn't look pretty, let's be real, but that's because it's - as we just said - not rendered. It's basically background imagery for the Shipment map in Vanguard, but we believe that it is the design for a section of Caldera.

Check it out! Seriously!

The reason why we firmly believe that this is at least an approximation of Warzone's new Caldera Map is the sheer scale of the area that's viewable. It is far, far larger than any other spectator-viewable areas within Multiplayer Maps, and this hints towards it being far more than what it is advertised to be. That doesn't mean that we're complaining, though.

The map was revealed by JGOD, who posted a video on Twitter of him flying around what certainly seems to be at least part of the new Warzone map. It's pretty impressive, despite it being largely not-rendered, and simply a coast-side area along the beach. We're becoming increasingly excited for the new Warzone Map, and this is certainly not helping!

When Will We Find Out About Warzone's Caldera Pacific Map?

Whilst the map will release on December 8 for Vanguard owners and December 9 for everyone else, content creators are claiming that they will get into the map next week. Tom Henderson, a prolific Call of Duty leaker and data-miner, posted on Twitter to confirm that multiple creators will be playing Caldera so that they can produce early content, and also have their gameplay featured in an upcoming trailer.

Now, we do want to make it clear that this whole theory is not without historical precedent. Verdansk was also leaked prior to Warzone's launch back in 2019, and similar stuff happened for Verdansk '84 a mere couple of months ago. There are tons of leaks, all the time. Some of them are legit, some of them are not. Is this a leak, or is this just a complete Red Herring? Who knows! We will purely find out when the new map launches in a mere couple of weeks...