Warzone Compound V Superpowers: Abilities Explained

Temp V is a new Field Upgrade available to find and equip in Warzone, and it gives you Superpowers. But it's quite confusing because it randomly gives you one of four Superpowers whenever you pick it up. Here is how to use Temp V in Warzone, and a description of each of the four new Superpowers.

Warzone Temp V
Warzone: Superpowers. | © Activision Blizzard

Among all the new pieces of content coming in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2's Season 4: Reloaded update, we're most excited about the collab with hit Amazon Prime show, The Boys. As well as new skins, they've also introduced a new Field Upgrade called Temp V, which is a substance from The Boys that gives you Superpowers. Here is how Temp V gives you Warzone Superpowers.

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Temp V "Warzone Superpowers": How Does The Field Upgrade Work

When you equip this Field Upgrade, you get one of four superpowers (chosen randomly), which you can use as much as you want by pressing the normal buttons/keys you would use to activate Field Upgrades. You lose your superpower by unequipping the Temp V Field Upgrade, picking up any other Field Upgrade, or by dying. Simple.

Here are the four superpowers that it's possible to get with Temp V in Warzone:

Charge Jump (4 Charges)

Charge Jump allows you to make massive jumps (like in the Haunting of Verdansk), and you don’t take any fall damage. However, you will deal splash damage to anyone or anything within a short radius of your landing spot.

Callof Duty 1678842210685427712
Temp V Warzone: Charge Jump. | © Activision Blizzard

Electric Shockwave (Single Use)

Like a massive EMP. This shockwave sends a powerful electrical explosion that injures Operators and AI Combatants, as well as destroying vehicles and equipment within range.

Callof Duty 1678842213231370244
Temp V Warzone: Electric Shockwave. | © Activision Blizzard

Laser Vision (Single Use)

Upon activation, you levitate into the air and then fire a laser beam in whatever direction you are looking.

Callof Duty 1678842215320150016
Temp V Warzone: Laser Vision. | © Activision Blizzard

Teleport (Single Use)

When you use Teleport your Operator is teleported into the air above you. You can then skydive away to escape.

Callof Duty 1678889786969554944
Temp V Warzone: Teleport. | © Activision Blizzard

And that, fellow Operators, was a short description of how to use Temp V to get Warzone Superpowers, and all four of the available superpowers. We hope you found it helpful, and we wish you an enjoyable Season 4: Reloaded. Hopefully they make enough core gameplay changes to keep the game from dying before CoD 2023 is released.

Let's hope we get less of this nonsense in Season 4 Reloaded:

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