Warzone & Vanguard Season 1 Roadmap

The Last Hours of Verdansk event has just started in Warzone, and already we got the roadmap for Vanguard and Warzone Season 1. Here are all the details!

Vanguard Season 1 Roadmap
Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 is starting soon. | © Activision

Yay, Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 is almost here and so is the new Pacific Warzone map Caldera, which we have been looking forward to for ages. This Wednesday, the 8th of December the season will drop and we already got the Season 1 Roadmap today. Thanks to this, we get an early glimpse at what is to come. New weapons, new maps, new zombies content and so much much more. We will go through the most important news of the Season 1 Roadmap with you.

Here is the Warzone and Vanguard Season 1 Roadmap. If you want to see the detailed roadmap, you can find it on the official Call of Duty site. We only summarize the most important information in this article, so you don't have to waste your whole day.

Vanguard & Warzone Season 1 Roadmap

Vanguard Warzone Season 1 Roadmap
The Season 1 Roadmap is awesome! | © Activision

As you can see on the roadmap, we get new multiplayer maps in Vanguard as well as a lot of new features for the still quite lame Zombies mode. In addition, as usual, there are new weapons, new operators, a new event and much more. Most interesting are the new anti-cheat and the new Pacific map Caldera, which finally replaces Verdansk in Warzone. Of course, all the weapons from Vanguard are also introduced to Warzone and we even get an extra Vanguard BR mode. If you want to learn more about the gameplay changes of Caldera, check it out here.

All new Weapons in Vanguard & Warzone Season 1

  • Cooper Carbine (Assault Rifle, tier 15 of Battle Pass)
  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (Sniper, tier 31 of Battle Pass)
  • Sawtooth (Melee, tier 37 of Battle Pass)
  • Welgun (SMG, In-Season through challenge)
  • Katana (Melee, In-Season through challenge)

We won't go into any more detail about the weapons here. As soon as we can try them out, we will provide you with detailed setup guides.

Vanguard Francis
Francis is one of the new operators. | © Activision

All new Operators in Vanguard & Warzone Season 1

  • Francis “Kai” Lanakila: With the start of Season 1, Francis will be available directly from tier 0 of the Battle Pass. Since his favorite weapon is the new Cooper Carbine, you will level up faster with this weapon.
  • Lewis Howard: Supposed to be added to Vanguard and Warzone during the Season, but before the end of the year, and swears by the new Anti-Tank Rifle.
  • Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes: Isabella won't be coming until the new year and we don't have any info on her favorite weapon yet.

All new Bundles in Vanguard & Warzone Season 1

  • Skull Collector Pro Pack
  • Fire Starter Mastercraft
  • Curse of the Ancients

What's Coming in Warzone Season 1?

Caldera!!! We don't need to say more. With the start of Season 1 in Vanguard and Warzone, Verdansk will finally be replaced by the new Pacific map Caldera. Right now the Last Hours of Verdansk event is running, before the old map will disappear forever. With the new map, all weapons and operators from Vanguard will be transferred to Warzone and we will get an extra game mode dedicated to Vanguard.

  • 40+ new weapons
  • Vanguard Operator
  • New Gulag
  • New Contracts
  • New Public Events
  • New vehicles
  • Vanguard Royale mode

We have already summarized all known details about the Warzone changes for you in this article.

Radar Map Vanguard
Radar is one of the new Multiplayer Maps in Vanguard. | © Activision

What's Coming in Vanguard Season 1?

Specifically for Vanguard, we get new multiplayer maps and a lot of new features for the Zombies mode. Especially the latter was really needed.

New Multiplayer Maps in Vanguard Season 1

  • Paradise (Launch): A weapons testing site somewhere in the Pacific Ocean hosts all task force Operators for joint exercises. Medium-sized three-lane-style map featuring an underground tunnel and pools of toxic waste.
  • Radar (Launch): A reimagined version of Dome, the classic Modern Warfare 3 map. This small radar station in the Pacific is built for fast-paced combat. Remember to not camp on the catwalks!

New Mode in Vanguard Season 1

With Control, a popular mode returns to Call of Duty. In this mode, the limited-life nature we know from Search and Destroy is combined with the Hardpoint and TDM modes. Two teams alternate between attacker and defender and must attack or defend a set hardpoint. Nothing too special, but we're looking forward to it.

New Perks & Equipment

  • Serpentine (Perk Slot 1): Sprinting reduces incoming damage.
  • Intuition (Perk Slot 2): Your vision pulses when enemies are nearby, even through walls.
  • Special Incendiary Grenade: Obscures an area in a white fog and burns those who come close.

Zombies in Vanguard Season 1

  • New Objective Purge: Eradicate Augmentors. Augmentors can only be killed by capturing powerful Control Runes.
  • 14 new Covenant Upgrades: The upgrades are distributed among the 5 covenants and among them are Brimstone, Deadshot, Dead Wire and Scrapper.
  • New Waffen: All new Season 1 weapons as well as all launchers will be available in Zombies mode.
  • New Challenges & Rewards: There will be new challenges that reward players with unique calling cards or XP.
  • Tome of Rituals (In-Season): Your Artifacts will be able to grow in power through the Tome of Rituals, offering greater Dark Aether abilities to aid in your survival.
  • Von List's Office (In-Season): New map section.
  • Support Killstreaks (In-Season): Warmachine and Deathmachine can be crafted at the Crafting Table.
  • More Features (In-Season): New Unlock Challenges for weapons, Mystery Box weapon upgrades, a pause feature for the whole server and more.

New Festive Fervor Event

Festive fervor
Krampus is coming! | © Activision

With the launch of Season 1, preparations for the Festive Fervor festivities will also begin. More details about the event are not yet known, but more information was promised for later this month.

So that's it for the Season 1 Roadmap of Vanguard and Warzone. As soon as the season starts and we have the complete patch notes, we will provide you with a detailed article. Until then have fun grinding.