Where To Find Krampus In Warzone

As part of the Festive Fervor event, Krampus, a monster from German folklore, has been unleashed on Caldera and Rebirth. But where is he? And how do you kill him?

Leaked Operator Krampus Vanguard Christmas
Let's track him down! | © Activision Blizzard & WBEZ

Christmas is upon us, and even in Warzone, that means festive decorations and a holiday spirit. This year, Warzone is borrowing from German tradition and included Krampus. Krampus, if you don't know, is a monster that punishes naughty children in Germany over Xmas (yes, really). And on the Caldera and Rebirth Islands, he's going to be punishing players during the Festive Fervor event. But where is he? How do you kill him? And is it worth hunting him?

Where Is Krampus Located On Caldera Island?

Krampus comes for you, he isn't hiding in a cave, he's actively hunting players. Now that's absolutely terrifying, isn't it. But we do have some idea of the players he's more likely to target, and that's thanks to Call of Duty themselves:

[Krampus] does tend to hunt down those who received coal from the Holiday Crates.

If you haven't experienced this yet, allow us to explain. You can get a lump of coal rather than loot from the special Holiday crates placed around Caldera. And if you do get the coal, you're more likely to have to deal with Krampus too. Was someone naughty this year? Maybe you need some help keeping him at bay...

Where Is Krampus Located On Rebirth Island?

As with Caldera, in Rebirth Island, Krampus is hunting you, he isn't waiting to be found. So there isn't one location we can give you, like a special cave or hideout. We do know, however, that he's more likely to hunt players who have received a lump of coal from the festive loot crates as well. So keep popping these if you're desperate to find him.

How To Kill Krampus In Warzone

You have exactly three minutes to kill Krampus once he begins hunting your squad, after that, he targets a different squad, so you need to focus fire him and ideally bring explosives. Anti-infantry launchers are particularly effective against Krampus, as are LMGs with their high ammo capacity. But the most crucial thing is that your squad can attack him without getting third-partied. This is really the big challenge in this event, it's not Krampus, it's avoiding other teams getting easy kills on you while you're trying to fight. Popping a UAV before the Krampus fight to be aware of where enemy teams might come from is our best suggestion.

If you're on the hunt for Krampus this season, may we suggest one of these weapons:

What Rewards Do You Get For Killing Krampus?

Your squad earn a special calling card for killing Krampus. It's nothing spectacular, but in exchange for dealing with Krampus during this event, every player in the lobby can enjoy increased legendary crates and half-price buybacks. So it does even out in a way.

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