Everything We Know About Zombies In Call Of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard is releasing on November 5 and we just got the final reveal trailer for Vanguard Zombies. What is Vanguard Zombies about and how will the Dark Aether story continue?

Co D Vanguard Zombies
What do we know about Vanguard's Zombies mode? | © Activision

If you cast your memory back to 2008 you'll remember that it was a WWII game that first gave us Zombies; Call of Duty: World at War. We know that Vanguard is going to try and bring back some of that game's magic, so naturally, we're left asking – what about the Zombies? We've got good news, dear reader.

Will CoD: Vanguard Have Zombies?

Yes, CoD: Vanguard has been confirmed to launch with Zombies, and by the publishers themselves, so it's 100% accurate. We've had leaks that claimed we would get Zombies for months, and even leaks that suggested Treyarch were taking over that department completely. But now we can say with certainty - yes, Zombies is coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard.

[Update October 15]

Yesterday, the final CoD: Vanguard Zombies trailer was released and gave us a first glimpse of what to expect from the new Zombies mode. Check out the trailer for yourself:

What Do We Know About The Story Of CoD: Vanguard's Zombies?

The new trailer and more so the Call of Duty Blog gave us some insights into CoD: Vanguard's Zombies story. We already knew that Treyarch will continue BOCW's Dark Aether storyline in Vanguard, but now we have some more details. According to the CoD Blog, it all began with the Dark Aether gateway at Projekt Endstation. In 'Der Anfang' which will start off the Vanguard Zombies story, our Operators are stranded in Stalingrad, held in by the magic of Kortifex the Deathless. Kortifex is one of five Dark Aether entities bonded with mortals via otherworldly artifacts. The other entities are called Saraxis the Shadow, Norticus the Conqueror, Inviktor the Destroyer, and Bellekar the Warlock and are in revolt against Kortifex.

Der Anfang introduces players to those entities and their artifacts, which were plundered by Wolfram Von List, a Nazi officer in charge of the search for mystical antiquities to help the Nazis in the war. Von List is bonded with Kortifex and is given an army of the dead. We now need to stop Von List with the help of Professor Gabriel Krafft, who was forced to help Von List and sent out the initial distress call, that caused our operatives to go to Stalingrad. With the help of Krafft and the other four entities, who can give you special new powers, we fight Von List and Kortifex and try to keep the undead horde from sweeping across Europe.

Will They Remaster World at War Zombie Maps?

Most definitely. The new trailer already confirmed the return of Shi No Numa and since the multiplayer launches with the remasters Castle and Dome it would be a bit weird for them not to bring back some more of the original Zombies maps. We already know they're relying on Call of Duty: World at War – and people's immense nostalgia for that game – so why wouldn't the Zombies get the remastered maps that MP is getting?


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